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By Ricardo Martinez

Growth, acquisition and sales are three characteristic that all business owners should push forward every single day. Whether growth comes internally or digitally, or whether this means acquiring more users or different pieces of the puzzle to increase sales, a continuous effort to keep on getting better should be nonstop.

Long gone are the days in which business owners could rely on performing certain tasks manually. Now, as a business owner have you often thought, what tools do I need to make sure my business keeps on scaling at the same rate as competitors? Or what are other businesses doing?

The answer: Most likely, these businesses have stepped out their online marketing efforts and have found ways to create different online sales funnels while taking advantage of technology and software to ensure their leads and prospects are constantly going to a landing page.

Here are 4 tools you can use to ensure your internet marketing profits grow.

1) SEMrush: SEMrush is a highly powerful tool utilized to check what the competition is doing. Some people like to see this as spying or even a copying tactic, but truthfully it is all about reverse engineering. SEMrush allows users to plug in an URL and get competitive data on organic keywords being ranked, while also seeing what ads competitors are running.

Start with three URLs and see what keywords the competition is using. Focus on keywords with a healthy search volume that could the highest impact. From there, focus on creating content per the phrases and keywords that could have a higher payout in the long run. Take the time to research and develop a content marketing strategy that can provide results.

2) ahrefs: ahrefs will be best used to search for competitor’s backlinks. Backlinks are the most important aspect of SEO, and if your business is not doing research, outreaching or looking for new opportunities to build links, it will most likely be left behind.

Linkbuilding will take your business to a complete new level. Therefore, do the research on several competitor websites and see where they are linking to. From there, export all links to an excel sheet and examine them carefully to find similar opportunities on your end as well.

3) ActiveCampaign: Customers signed up to get the discount or coupon on your website, great!, now what? What is your business doing to ensure customers find value?

How often is your business communicating with these subscribers? The answer should be at least three times a week.

Stay away from email marketing myths and stop worrying about annoying customers. As long as you are telling a story, creating value for the customer, entertaining the customers and constantly coming up with reasons for them to come to your store, you are winning.

Email Marketing is about building emotional connections with customers while building trust in order to increase open rates, but most importantly, to create a better perception in order to become the authoritative brand for all prospects.

4) Buzzsumo: If your business is not finding ways to leverage and utilize influencer marketing, your business is missing out on tremendous opportunities that can enhance a brand exponentially. Buzzsumo allows users to look for topics and content that is highly spread of different social media platforms.

Get on Buzzsumo and search for relevant information to your business and brand. Start building relationships with people on twitter with a tremendous amount of followers and start reaching out after a couple of emails. This people are well known within your field and have the ability to spread out your content or product to a mass of followers that it is very likely to be interested.

Find Twitter/Instagram/Facebook followers with a proper search and continue to build communities to inspire people that have the potential to buy from you. The more your business engages with its crowd, the better it will be perceived and the less “touchpoints” it will have to go through to retain customers.

This is a customer driven economy in an internet marketing world. As a business owner, you are going to need to do everything in your power to automate marketing funnels to make sure multiple touch points occur through a multi channel approach.

Utilize these four tools to get ahead of the competition, and to see what has worked for them. Whatever it is, get creative and do it better. Find loopholes around their online marketing efforts and reach out to customers to see what exactly what they want and need from your end.

Create content, offers and ensure the upfront valued offered is completely irresistible. Take the time to do the research and prepare new strategies to stand out from other competitors.

Ricardo Martinez is the founder of Perconvly, a performance marketing company in Miami, Florida. Perconvly focuses on helping SaaS companies and eCommerce businesses grow through search engine optimization, content development, Facebook marketing and other tactics. @perconvly and @ricardoandricky.