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Online Marketing Concept

By Stacy Cyr

In order to run a successful marketing campaign for your business, you have to integrate with offline and online marketing. These two channels work well together and can cover a lot of ground when used in a complementary fashion. Here are 4 ways to integrate your online and offline marketing efforts for maximum coverage.

Local TV and Coupon Codes

If you’re a small business, running an ad on local TV stations makes more sense than going national. But don’t run a local TV ad just for the sake of having an ad. Make it interesting and entice viewers by showing a special coupon code they can use online for discounts or freebies. Once they’re on your website, they can create an account and enter the coupon code to get the offer. This encourages new orders and gives the customer’s information to market to them in the future.

YouTube Ads and Videos

84% of users worldwide watch online videos. Tap into this rich resource by running ads on  YouTube. It could be a banner ad or even the same ad you run on local TV. Your marketing efforts have to look the same across all channels anyway, and this is an excellent way to do that. Just make sure you’re adding value to their experience by creating professional looking ads and entertaining videos. You can use the same coupon code strategy here, or throw in discounts for those who visit your physical store and check-in.

Print Ads and Social Media

Despite many people writing off print media as dead, it’s still going strong and is one of the most trusted mediums. According to a study by Harris Interactive, 69% of adult Americans trusted their local newspapers more than national newspapers, so taking out an ad on a local paper makes more sense.

To spice up your print ads, you can add social media elements to it. Instead of putting a coupon directly in the ad, use the ads to lead people to follow your social media accounts in order to receive discounts.

Network Radio (traditional) and Internet Radio

Radio is one of the oldest mediums out there, yet it still plays a major role in marketing your brand. According to research by Nielsen, 59% of music listeners in America still listen to traditional radio or online radio, especially while commuting. A separate report found that radio ads drive 5.8% of retail ads in the U.S, which is why radio can’t be overlooked.

Run a catchy radio ad for both traditional and internet radio to get the most coverage. Your ad needs to engage the listener to encourage them to interact with you on your site or on social media. Run a radio-only contest that encourages the first 50 listeners to post a secret phrase or hashtag online, for example.

When marketing your brand, you shouldn’t limit yourself to using only one channel because this can alienate some of your customers. Online and offline marketing compliment each other and allow you to reach a wider audience. Make sure you integrate them both for a more successful marketing campaign.

Stacy Cyr is senior marketing manager at LogoMix.