By Audrey Pilcher

Push and pull marketing are often discussed by decision makers when considering a marketing strategy for online businesses. On the one hand, pull marketing approach involves promoting products by establishing a loyal audience and drawing it to the products. On the other hand, the main idea of push marketing is to bring products to customers; just as the name suggests, you’re “pushing” products on them.

Many marketers think that push marketing is dead because “pushing” doesn’t work well in attracting customers, but the reality is different. Limiting your marketing strategy to pull techniques alone will reduce your market reach and affect your ability to locate all potential customers who might be interested in your products or services.

In this article, we’re going to review four ways to use push marketing methods to reach new customers and scale up your business.

1. Use Google’s In-Market Audiences for Search Ads

The search giant announced this much-anticipated feature last year saying that it uses machine learning to analyze “trillions of search queries” to identify user’s buying intent so you can hedge your bets on prospecting audiences that are likely to buy what you sell.

Essentially, in-market audiences are lists of Google users whose online activity shows an increased probability that they will purchase a specific product. This feature has become a popular tool in AdWords since its introduction, and many businesses have used it to make their online advertising more targeted and relevant.

“To take advantage of in-market audiences as well and maximize the conversion rate along the way, you need to create banner ads based on the data provided by the feature,” explains Martin Dowson, a digital marketer at A-Writer. “As the result, you might reach lookalike audiences and greatly expand your marketing reach.”

2. Use Google’s Similar Audiences for Expanding Reach

Similar audiences feature is a great way to reach a larger online audience and drive conversions among leads. It helps to find Internet users with similar search behavior as those in Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) users that haven’t visited your website. It does so by looking at data about current remarketing audiences and finding new and qualified consumers who share some interests with that audiences.

Google Ads Help gives an excellent example of how similar audiences work. Accordingly, if a business created a remarketing list of people who purchased running shoes from their site, the function will help it by identifying that people searched for specific keywords like “buy lightweight running shoes” before landing on the business’s website and making a purchase. Then, it’ll find Google users who have similar search behavior, e.g. searched for “buy running shoes.”

3. Master Google Display Network

The Display Network is a part of Google AdWords where businesses place display ads on an enormous network of websites, apps, and videos across the Internet consisting of about 2 million items. According to Google, this network reaches more than 90 percent of global Internet users. This network provides unmatched opportunities for businesses to expand their reach by allowing them to use placements.

According to Google, managed placements are locations on the Google Display Network – a website, a page on a website or a mobile app, or video content – where ads can appear.

To take advantage of this network, use Google Ads and placements to display your ads to audiences that can be interested in them.

4. Use Facebook Advertising Targeting Options

You shouldn’t limit your reach with Google because Facebook also has powerful audience selection tools to help you connect with billions of people using the platform. These tools include Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences, and they are similar to Google’s In-Market audiences.

For example, they allow to target audiences based on a number of specific criteria, including shopping frequency, current needs, shopping preferences, and credit card usage.

These four ways can definitely help your business to expand marketing reach and increase the conversion rate by helping to find the customers who are interested in your products/services. Sure, you may think that these methods are a bit unfashionable, but they are among the best methods to help you achieve your goal of scaling up your business and increasing lead generation and sales. Besides, with the online competition getting stronger every day, it makes a perfect sense to use every available marketing technique that works.

Audrey Pilcher is a visual content and digital marketing specialist who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger and currently works at She is a tech-savvy person and likes to write on different topics like social media, web design, mobile apps, online marketing and much more.

Push marketing stock photo by Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock