1. MailChimp: It is a one-stop platform for all the marketing functions of the brand. This application’s built-in analytics helps business or brand, whether new or old, to identify & reach out to its target audience, select the best marketing tool & consolidate all their marketing efforts towards them. The customer feels delighted when appropriate products & services are offered to them by the brand. Customers feel they are not neglected by the company when seeing the tailor-made marketing campaigns specifically focusing on their requirements are implemented by the company. Customers feel important & they establish a sort of emotional connect with the brand. As a result, customer gradually gets more & more engaged with the brand through social media as well as emails, digital ads, etc.

2. Talkwalker: This application helps in improving customer engagement by providing an in-depth analysis of the customer choices, preferences, behaviour & decisions. It also helps the brand to find where it lacks to establish a connection with the customer due to which the customer is choosing other brands over it. It provides a social media listening & analytics tool. These tools help to understand the meaning of the customer’s message on social media. The AI-powered analytics clearly shows where & how much the brand was mentioned on Twitter, Facebook & other social media platforms and for what reason. All this analytics helps brands to identify & focus on target customers who are also looking for the brand. Once the target customers are identified, the brand will interact with them on various social media channels which in turn will result in improving customer engagement.

3. SendinblueThis application helps businesses to build long-lasting & strong relationships with customers by communicating with them with appropriate personalized messages at the right time. Communications can happen over an email, SMS, facebook, twitter, etc. It also helps businesses to find the most effective medium of communication & the perfect time to send messages, with the help of AI-powered tools & real-time statistical reports. Customers feel a personal touch with the brand when they receive the right message at the right time. It makes completely involved & engaged with the brand.

4. SysomosThis application is now known as Meltwater Social. This application help brands in uncovering potential opportunities for customer engagement. These opportunities are identified with the use of advanced data analysis tools. The brands & customers use these opportunities to interact with each other. Brands can understand the concerns of the customers & work towards improving them. This is results in increased customer loyalty & engagement.

5. IntellasphereIt is a platform that provides the business with all sorts of marketing tools to keep its customers engaged. Marketing through email, social media & scheduling tools helps to connect with the customers at every level & pitch the right products at the right time. Customer engagement is improved by the various forms like survey forms, feedback, etc. that the business can prepare through this app & upload it on social media platforms for the customer’s input. In this manner, the customer can give his opinion on the company’s products & suggestions for improvement.

In the global age of E-commerce where every brand is trying hard to have a prominent online presence on social media platforms, Customer satisfaction, engagement & retention is the key to the brand’s success. Otherwise, the brand will get lost in the online space. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on customer-centric occasions, sale events on various festivals, with just one objective in mind, to engage its customers with its products. There are various applications & tools available in the market today that help the companies to skyrocket customer engagement online on various social media platforms. Some of these applications are discussed above. Customer engagement has dual advantages both for companies & customers. For companies, acquiring new customers is almost 5% to 25% more expensive than retaining existing customers & for consumers, it saves their time & efforts to search for new different brands whenever they want to make a purchase.

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India. @JamesGrills07

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