In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is the only option for people to earn money. However, the world seems not that adapted to such changes. One of the studies shows that staff working from home develop weaker relationships with business owners and each other. They lack that office atmosphere that makes employees work productively in teams. One more research shares that 65% of workers staying at home have no idea about the group bonding session. It is hard to imagine your business prosperity without effective team-building. Perhaps, some of the tips below will help companies work productively even when their staff has to stay at home.

Use Tech Advancements

Get corporate messengers, CRMs, issue tracking products, content writing apps, and other tools that might increase your overall productivity. For instance, to create and join quests, it is enough to download and set up Zoom. Right, the same one used for video conferences.

Get Involved in Some Quests and Escape Rooms

Business owners and team leads can organize escape rooms that are extremely popular today. Of course, we are talking about online quests. In virtual rooms, staff will face various tasks related to their niche or their specific responsibilities. The common goal, which is getting out by solving all the puzzles, will unite the players.

Almost all quizzes offer a host to help the players. In the case of a company, it can be some manager. The players collect and share bonuses in the digital dashboard. Certain timeframes are involved, and it is another chance to develop good time management skills. Critical thinking and decision-making are also involved.

“Your Best Guess” Game

While some people think that personal traits and facts don’t matter in business, they are wrong. One’s biography may tell a lot about a particular person, including his or her career potential. The manager should ask everyone to share some of the facts about their life. A special table is created where all of the facts are written down. In the field next to it, every participant will have to understand which colleague the point belongs to. You can set up this game live on a group video chat if this alternative seems better.

Prof. Judith Olson from the University of California discovered that successful distant work cases are when employees respect and like each other and develop similar approaches to doing their tasks. This activity will definitely help achieve this atmosphere.

Imaginary Problems to Solve

Brainstorming is the key to successful problem-solving. Simulate the issues to train this skill. Here is how this game works:

  1. A team lead should develop a challenge related to the company’s industry, specific niche, or job responsibilities.
  2. Say, for a marketing team, and you may ask them to think about what they will do if your YouTube channel gets blocked one day because of the irrelevant content (e.g., aggressive promotion).
  3. Ask them to come up with an action plan, as well as a new marketing content strategy. What will they do to save the company’s reputation and return the channel? How may the organizational objectives change in the long run?

Special Events and Holidays Gifts

Thanksgiving, X-Mas, 4th of July, and birthdays – those are perfect dates to team up with your personnel and do some fun things. To become closer to each other, your organization members should exchange presents at least on the international holidays. Once the countdown before Christmas Eve begins, motivate your employees to get ready with some gifts for each. It will show their love and respect for each other. A Quarterly Care Package for your team is right what you need so that no one remains without a present. Use traditional mail to send physical gifts. You may also provide your staff with some bonus to wages.

Jane Travis is the HR manager at paper writing service. Jane used to start her career in the field of digital content creation more than six years ago. She also studied the best HR practices. Now, she creates blogs that help businesses solve problems with their staff.

Employees stock photo by TZIDO SUN/Shutterstock