By Sean Lockwood

It doesn’t matter what your business is. Nowadays every marketer, every business owner has some must-go events or hosts their own events. And yes, some of these events oftentimes end up as an excuse for workers to get out of the office and have some fun but marketers and business owners don’t have the same motive. To them, events are much more important than just some free drink and food. Every event is a huge chance to build your brand. Let’s take a look at some creative event marketing ideas that will help you build your brand.

Be present at other events

If you want people to know about your brand, you have to be present everywhere. Well, not literally, but you need to appear at quite a few events. Sponsor a boot at another event and you’ll be using a good strategy that is used by many companies. However, it can be a tough task since the competition will be standing right there, beside your own boot. The key here is to stand out so you could try this. Run Geo-targeted search and social campaigns using the conference hashtag. Geo-targeting is quite useful because you want to make it clear to your audience that they are going to come there because of you paying to be there. Also, use hashtag and social media as much as possible to promote yourself. Do that even before the event start.

Digital marketing handbook

When hosting your own event and you need to do that, use all the powers of your digital marketing handbook. Be as aggressive as you can with your outreach efforts. Remember, there’s no shame in it. This is your event and you want it to be great. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have all guns blazing. Be persistent and assertive with your marketing efforts. Only then will you see conversions. It may seem a bit aggressive but it’s worth it. Many marketers who use this tip claim that they not only meet the target when it comes to the audience size, but they also gather even more people than projected.

Use influencers

Figure out who the top influencers of your industry are and use them. Whether you’re hosting your own event or not, try to make these individuals come and promote your company. Influencers have strong following that may align with your target audience so it’s not bad to give it a go. More and more marketers rely on influencers to do the work for them. Have them appear at your own events, let them mingle with the crowd. Or include them on your event’s promotional content. This can be quite a good event marketing tip. Just remember to find influencers who are most likely to strike a chord with your target audience.


We all like free stuff. Well, technically, what you’re offering isn’t quite free but it needs to be beneficial. Offer incentives to your membership or past conference attendees to promote your new event. Those can be incentives or discounts to bring another attendee or make a group booking. This can serve as a really good chance for promotion by people who know and respect your event. This way you’ll be splitting the workload with them. They will also be your ambassadors. If they share info about your event, the attendance figures are bound to rise.

Video marketing

Nowadays we all adore YouTube and video content in general. That’s why video marketing plays an ever-important role. Video marketing can have a strong impact on decision making. Start by creating testimonial videos from delegates or a collage of past conferences. You can even film personal invitations from speakers. People will notice your and you’ll build engagement quite easily. This all in turn builds your brand and boosts sales. Imagine receiving an email invitation and you see a hot-shot of your industry inviting your to come to an event. Surely you’d have a hard time saying no.


Nowadays it can be quite a tough task to stand out from the crowd. Marketers are always looking for new ways to make their brand look better than the rest, to make their events look better and thus attract larger crowds. You need to feel the same hunger if you’re aiming at success.

Sean Lockwood is an IT expert with years of experience. He covers all aspects of IT like programming, photoshopping and other effects. He has spent some time in the field of security and is still helping other companies with the same. In his free time, he loves to enjoy extreme sports and his two German Shepherds.

Event marketing stock photo by PowerUp/Shutterstock