Do you post the most amazing content out there but still wish for the visitors to stick a little longer? Do you wish for more engagement? Well, suit yourself. Here is a quick guide for it.

A marketer’s brain’s prime focus is to turn the visitors into customers. When you are selling your content online you must make your visitors stay long enough to read your content. It has been found out in behavioural patterns that readers that tend to stay longer on your post often engage themselves with your content and this on further basis will improve the chances of conversion of visitors to customers.

Here are 5+ Proven Tactics To Make Visitors Stay Longer-

1.   Always be in relevance with your headline

You might get clicks on your headline every now and then, however if you wish that readers stay on your website for engaging activities you must make sure that your content always stays loyal to the content. In other words, keep your content matching with the headline.

Even the most catchy headline written by the best copywriter will not do its wonders if the content is not relevant to the title.

2.   Keep your content scannable

With the shortage of time and fast, visitors on the websites hardly spend minutes to read the entire content letter by letter. The new way is to scan the content so that they can get a hold of important words and phrases. In studies it has been found that an average user gives only 5.59 seconds to a website content.

If you have written sentences that seem like essays and long paragraphs, they become unscannable and the readability of the content automatically becomes poor. In such cases, readers will immediately switch to a new website with more scannable content.

Here are some tips you can use to write more scannable content-

  • Make sure that the readability of your content is good. You can do so by ensuring that your sentences are short, letting the content breathe with proper spacing.
  • Keep your content divided in paragraphs and subheadings. The paragraph should ideally have around three to four sentences.
  • Lists often keep the content more statistical and sorted. Furthermore, using bulleted lists grabs more attention.

3.   Ask them to visit another page at the end of the post

Generally all the blog posts have interlinkings done in their content. The best place you can add a call to action is the end of the post. This way has been known to be highly effective to keep the visitors coming back to your website.

Any usual reader will leave the website once they have finished reading your blog or has found the information s/he had come looking for. When you insert a call to action in your blog post with relevant content, you give them sometime to stick to. Instead of directing the readers to another blog post you can also ask the readers to stay tuned to your website and the content you post by subscribing to your email newsletter.

However, while adding a CTA to your website you must make sure that the readers do not notice and then ignore it. You can work around with this problem with adding the CTA with an animated slide-in. Such an animation will grab your reader’s attention and also, will not disturbed. Any top android app development company will use this tactic in their blog posts to generate more engagement.

4.   Thank readers with information

After your readers have also taken an action with your call to action, the chances are that they will then finally leave your website. This will happen very likely if you do not customize the thank you page with any useful information so that your readers can take another action as well. Adding information on the Thank You page will make your page more than just some acknowledgement. If you add on some relevant content that leads them back to your website, even the coldest of visitors will go back with a plethora of information from your website.

5.   Make maximum use of multimedia

Audio- Visuals have proven to be more effective and engaging than just audio or visuals. Visitors have proven to rather watch a video than read content. For practical references, call your friends group and ask them if they would rather watch a movie or read its novel, you will have your answer and we would have our point proven.

According to statistics marketers that market their content with videos win a growth of revenue 49% faster than regular marketers which stick to the read only content.

Adding videos on your site may appear to be a great deal of work, yet it doesn’t need to be pretty much as monotonous as it appears. To make recordings, you can just repurpose your content based substance into show recordings

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