If your startup or small business is having trouble keeping up with competitors, you’re not alone. It’s hard for startups to thrive in the midst of steep competition, but it’s not impossible. One strategy to help you do the most as you’re starting out is to outsource different aspects of your business to third-party companies. Here are five reasons why outsourcing is a good business strategy.

Outsourcing Helps Your Business Do More

One of the first benefits of outsourcing different facets of your business to another company is that it lets you do more. For example, if you’re a lean operation and are running with a staff of just ten people, it can be hard to handle customer support requests and still get other things done. By knowing what features of your business can be handled by someone beyond your staff, you can do more at once, ultimately strengthening your company.

Outsourcing Maximizes Employee’s Time

New businesses demand a lot from their employees, and even then it’s important to maximize each staff member’s time. If you have one human resources director handling job interviews, hiring, contracting, and other day-to-day tasks, it can be difficult for them to also manage payroll and think about ways to further grow your staff. However, with an online check writing service like Smart Payables, it’s possible to handle payroll with ease. Being able to mail checks using your company’s bank account and high-level security features means one less task for your potentially overworked employee. This lets them be more productive in other areas of work.

Outsourcing Lets You Do Things Better

It’s important to note that in some situations, you may not be an expert. For example, even if you know how to use Photoshop or InDesign, a seasoned graphic designer may come up with a much better logo than you, and in less time, too. Branding and marketing materials are important to execute well since they’re your company’s calling card with clients and customers. Outsourcing the jobs that you may not have the most experience in ultimately allows you to perform better and craft a higher quality image.

Outsourcing Helps You Grow Faster

Another benefit of outsourcing different tasks or even whole departments is the ability to help you scale your business quickly and effectively. One example of this comes down to building a reputable website and online presence. If you were trying to manage all of the search engine optimization yourself and create content each and every day, you’d likely spend several days each week just on this project. After all, it can be difficult to find qualified writers, handle lead generation, and understand the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO campaigns. However, with an SEO agency, you can rest assured that everything is being handled well by a team of professionals. By increasing your manpower on tasks like SEO, marketing, and fundraising, you can wind up growing much more quickly than if your small staff was handling all of these things all by themselves.

Outsourcing Keeps You Out of the Weeds


While attention to detail is important, as you launch your business you need to be able to think about the future, too. The big picture is important to keep track of as you envision how you want your company to grow and the trajectory you want to be on. That being said, if you’re stuck handling things like check writing or proofreading, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to focus on that kind of important thinking. Think about one job you perform weekly that could be handled by another contractor or company and dedicate that hour to improving your brainstorming and for the business. It’ll be time well spent.