With digital recruitment making its mark to the formation of a remote work environment, entrepreneurs have seen it all. The pandemic has popularized the already existing concept of ‘work from home’ for employees all around the world. Millions of people have shifted abruptly from working in offices to working from home and thousands have even lost their jobs. Amidst this upheaval, the question lies in the fact how is everyone going to thrive after the pandemic is in control? A survey by Slack states that only 12% of the workers in 2020 want to return full time in offices and 72% want a hybrid-remote office model in place. 

Despite an uncertain future, companies who require workforce can’t stop hiring and recruitment agencies will have to pull up their socks in this case and adapt to both a remote working environment and digital recruitment. This can be made possible with the usage of proper automation tools like a good Applicant Tracking System, CRM Customer Relationship Management) software, an easy to-use video interviewing software and so on. To help recruitment agencies understand the dire need of going remote post-pandemic and the advantages that come with it, here are 5 such pointers explaining to you why you must consider taking your firm down a similar path.

Here are Top 5 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Go Remote Even After the World Is Done With Covid-19 

A huge number of people are now looking for jobs that offer them the flexibility of working from home or rather from anywhere in the world. So, the fact that recruitment agencies are now providing remote jobs to prospective and highly eligible candidates, why not the recruiters who are providing this gift of jobs work remotely as well? 

  1. The Exceptional Benefits Of Maintaining A Work-Life Balance 

One of the main reasons why job seekers nowadays are looking forward to working from home is because of the motivation that comes undisclosed with it. Working from home will allow your recruiters to feel more relaxed and in turn, there will be increased concentration on the work that they’re doing. A proper work-life balance will enable remote recruiters to fit in appointments and even make it to their gym to boost their health and well-being. Recruiters will be less likely to be disturbed by their colleagues and staying away from the additional stress of office politics will help in making them more productive too. 

  1. Reduced Operational Costs 

Remote recruitment agencies do not have to worry about paying their office rent, electricity bill, overhead costs such as heating, cooling, maintenance of office furniture and so many other expenses that come along with it. This will help the agency become more effective. The business owners can in return use this money to invest in proper AI Artificial Intelligence) and useful communication and documentation tools that will keep their remote employees running smoothly. Also, remote working has now become easier than ever because of the ease of availability of video conferencing tools and wifi connection present in almost every home. 

Did you know that a company can on average save 10,000$ per employee per year in real estate alone if full-time remote work is embraced? 

  1. Reduced Turnover

If employees are allowed to work from home they feel like they can be banked on which thereby increases reliance in your team and creates a higher level of integrity. As per the Global Workplace study, 95% of organisations have reinforced that remote work had a positive impact on employee retention. In simpler terms, this means that employees who are given the chance to work from home or anywhere, are far more likely to stay with the company for a longer duration. Recruitment entrepreneurs should therefore understand that this means reduced turnover for their companies and also a reduction in costs in recruitment and training of new employees. 

  1. Access To A Wider Talent Community 

Remote Recruitment agencies will have access to a wider range of candidates from different parts of the world. Geographical boundaries wouldn’t hinder your business from hiring recruiters from your choice of location. These recruiters will in turn help in building a diverse candidate pool which will be beneficial for your company. Also, recruitment agencies will be able to focus more on talent rather than who is available where. This will give them the opportunity to have access to varied expertise. 

  1. Good Environmental Impacts 

When your recruitment agency chooses to work remotely, it’s doing a huge favour to the environment, especially during a time when climate change is getting more and more real. Imagine it this way— when your recruiters are recruiting candidates from home, they are using less paper and can even control the usage of their lighting, heaters and air conditioners resulting in a more improved usage. 

Apart from that, as per the State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce, 3 million greenhouse gases are avoided by those who currently remotely at least part-time because there are 7.8 billion lesser vehicle miles travelled. 

Recruitment entrepreneurs can now surely jot down points on how to create a remote recruitment agency since there is indeed no doubt about the fact that remote work is the future. In 2020, business owners have clearly weighed out the pros and cons of working remotely. While there are numerous options available nowadays to take care of the probable problems remote working can create, remote recruitment is the need of the hour. Even Forbes, considers it to be a ‘standard operating procedure’ for nearly 50% Americans!

Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, Eli Franklin completed her MBA from Kelley School Of Business and has since then worked as a content specialist and marketing executive for Recruit CRM. She is regularly creating specialised content for recruiters and helping Recruit CRM develop a strong marketing game.

Remote working stock photo by Arsenii Palivoda/Shutterstock