The concept of web scraping becomes more and more known to many companies that want to make decisions and business strategies based on accurate data. In short, web scraping is a process when you take publicly available information from the required webpages and download it to your database. Companies use their own web scraping tools or buy them from reliable providers.

As a business, you can start using web scraping for competitor analysis, market research, to adjust competitive prices for your products or services, to keep up with market trends, and so on. Collecting this information manually can be a very time-consuming job, so by automating the whole process, you can focus on more important tasks, like data analysis.

Acquiring information for your business needs could see you reaching beyond the borders of your country. Socks5 proxies feature prominently as a solution to such web scraping because they keep your online presence concealed and secure. Additionally, they help you access information classified as geo-targeted.

Although reaching out to servers in other countries could hold the solutions you seek for your business needs, you need to inform yourself of the implications of such a venture. That way, you will make the most of such an opportunity and avoid problems associated with international web scraping.

1. Challenges of filtering and structuring data with socks5 proxies

When collecting data from outside the country, you come across a high quantity of unstructured and unclean data. Duplicated data compounds the overflow problem of the extracted information, which could also require verification.

To overcome that challenge, your business should focus on scraping verified and authoritative websites, and therefore, you should compile a list of target servers that meet your needs. Although advanced coding cleans up data and eliminates duplication, structuring data remains a persistent challenge, and the solutions vary depending on the situation.

Choose a socks proxy that supports navigation and pagination with advanced web scrapers that combine multiple URLs and search terms into less scraping tasks.

2. Accessing Prohibited Websites using socks5 proxies

Although using socks5 proxies will get you past firewalls, Cloudflare, and other server restrictions, no assurance exists on the absolute anonymity of your IP. If your scraping interest lies in censored websites, some authorized servers such as the governments of the host country and the ISP can track your IP and block it.

Worse still, you could find your business slapped with a lawsuit or penalized for any scraping activity that that government deems unlawful. For that reason, inform your organization of the regulations concerning legality, security, and data privacy policy in those countries you intend to send requests.

3. Consider using residential proxies

Internet service providers offer authentic residential IP. Such IPs contain information about the location, network, and internet service provider of the dedicated computer or device listed as the host of the allocated IP.

Residential IPs present show up as genuine IP addresses of human users and not bots. This makes them ideal for accessing servers that favor minimal traffic flow from scrapers and data centers. However, your IP could get approval for the initial attempts to access a restricted website.

Keeping in mind that such websites monitor user behavior all through the browsing session, the server will notice any deviation in the user’s behavior, indicating unhuman or programmed behavior.

The website will promptly block your IP or present you with a CAPTCHA to verify or prohibit any further activities from your IP on that platform. To overcome this problem while scraping sites outside your country, invest in socks5 proxies that create a variety of IP addresses.

The proxy rotates the IP address after every request you make to the website, especially if your task requires you to scrap many pages from the website. You remain hidden from the web server’s surveillance and escape getting blocked from scraping the content you seek.

4.     Benefits of socks5 proxies when scraping outside your country

Although other options exist in your selection of a proxy that will help you access servers abroad, socks5 proxies and VPNs offer better outcomes for these reasons:

  • You can focus on geo-specific data from a particular country. For instance, if you seek data from a site like Amazon that has many sites, you can target US sites by utilizing US-based proxies
  • Proxies enable you to send requests to servers in different countries by rotating IPs to avoid detection by blocking software
  • Proxies enable you to scrap the web far and wide without getting error pages when your browsing results indicate lack of the content you need within your country
  • Socks5 proxies hide your IP so that your scraper remains undetected as a bot
  • You can protect your business from other malicious prying bots and users

However, you can consider investing in a VPN to enhance your scrapping experience. The VPN will enable you access sites restricted to certain countries and also engage in activities termed illegal. For instance, you can access BitTorrent through VPN, although some countries do not allow torrenting.

5. Investing in sufficient scraping resources

The implications of scraping reflect on your company’s finances, time, and physical resources in several ways. For instance, when scraping is in progress, other members of the organization have to wait for the completion of the scraping to use that computer.

Considering that scraping is a time-consuming process, your company must avail extra computers to ensure other tasks proceed alongside the scrap task. Depending on the magnitude of scraping required, the company will also need powerful RAM and CPU equipment, which spells financial implications.

One way of resolving these limitations is by engaging in cloud-based web scraping that utilizes an off-site server. Such will allow committing of the device for other engagements while the scrap task runs in the background.

Your web scraper developer can configure the scraper with an app or email notification option that alerts you once the task gets completed and ready for analysis and export. With time, you can install extra features to enhance your scraper so that it can:

  • Scrap pictures
  • Bypass login screens
  • Utilize enhanced expressions and conditionals
  • Schedule projects considering different timelines such as on a weekly or daily basis
  • Scrap advanced web formats such as maps and tables

Scraping outside your country allows you to check out the competition, improve market research, and redesign your business to reach a wider clientele. A business that intends to thrive must utilize opportunities to scrap on international platforms to stamp its mark in the industry.

Nevertheless, the business must play by the rules or at least avoid getting caught. Similarly, it must update its safety mechanisms to ward off cybercrimes and risks like hacking, phishing, and Cloudflare that cripple and even eliminate businesses from online platforms.

Doma Stankevičiūtė is a Content Manager with experience of writing for over 3 years. Currently, she is working at Oxylabs. She has a wide interest in technology and data analysis, so she is mostly writing on these topics.