video marketing

Why Video? A professional photographer must present their photography skills in such a manner that they can explain the product easily.  That’s why many professional photographers are adopting video marketing to gain success in their marketing.

Here are 5 Tips to Boost Your Photography Business with Video Marketing:

1. Center your Video Around the Story, Not the Sale

In both content marketing and video marketing, one rule is common, that is storytelling. In video marketing, you represent your photography via a meaningful story that helps the customers to gain knowledge about your way of work. You can also share other customer’s experiences who hired you for photography and got fruitful results after using that product.

2. Make a Short Video

As we live a busy life, so we are unable to spend more time seeing the long videos. Today people hardly like to see a 9-10 second video that runs on different sites or social media. So, it is better to make short videos for the audience, which can directly hit their emotions and inspire them to make quick decisions about your product.

3. Optimize Your Video’s SEO

Today, people like to see an exciting and knowledgeful video instead of reading an article. For this reason, traffic gathering also increased in some video content sites from the past few years. If you want to stay in this market for a long time, you have to maintain some techniques regarding the optimization of video’s SEO. These are-

You should release your video in such a site where traffic gathering is huge than other sites. For example, you can publish your videos on YouTube, which is the largest video content site.

Design a meaningful and attractive thumbnail for your video, which describes the whole meaning of the video.

For holding top rank in video marketing, create your video title and description in such a way that could attract a lot of viewers. You should choose a title that is related to your video so that people can easily find that video in just one click. The description of the video also sounds interesting so that people love to see it again and again.

The most important thing is that video is easily found on the search engine.

4. Make Video That Will Perform on Social Media

Nowadays, people spend maximum time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. So it is profitable for your photography business if you promote your video on social platforms. Here you find a lot of audiences and make a relationship with them. If they like your video, they share it with others, which results in increasing the views. In research, it is found that Facebook live video gets 10 times more comment than a regular video. In Twitter, a video is 6 times more retweeted by audiences. So, if you are not planned to promote your business on social media, then quickly launch and receive maximum gain for your photography business. Click here to know how to create a video for your photography business that will perform best in social media.

5. Educate Your Customers with Video and Prove Yourself

Most people love to learn from a video instead of audio. Through video, you teach your customers about the service of the product and how useful to you. You can add customers’ reviews so that they can understand clearly your photography skills. Also, solve their problem by asking questions.


Today, video marketing occupied more than 65% of traffic online than any other marketing strategy because, with the video, you directly reach your audience’s heart, know their needs and make products on their demands. Video also helps to build trust in their minds about your product.

Dhaval Patel has two passions: Travel and photography. Lucky for him they go hand in hand. At you can experience how nature and photography got him inclined to inspire and encourage other and follow the identical path. Through his meticulous experience he will coach you on various hacks to photograph Nature. Brace yourself for the world of photography! Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Video marketing stock photo by Tashatuvango/Shutterstock