click through rate

By Mark Feldman

Audiences decide in split-second what to read and what to skim over. A high click-through rate paves the way for higher conversions. It’s important to know what actually makes a reader click. And this requires a good survey of stuff read over the internet. Whether you are running a paid ad campaign or an organic one, proper wording of your page or article makes a huge difference in getting the desired results.

After analyzing the type of content consumed over the internet I am able to conclude – content that comprises below mentioned 5 points stands to get acknowledged and read more.

1.      Carefully word your headline

What comes up in search results are content titles and headlines. Therefore the role of title in getting visitors to your site is hands down the most crucial. Sometimes a rich content fails at achieving its targeted audience for an unimpressive and weak title. Irrespective of your content type a title gives a preview of your content to the readers. An image that has a title is easier to comprehend and so is a video or presentation. After investing decent efforts generating content, if it goes unnoticed by people, this is not just demotivating for the creator but the reason behind producing this content also falls flat on face.

Hence ample time should be invested to come up with catchy titles that provide a peaking window into your content and convey the expected advantages after scanning through. Peruse the content of popular sites and authors. Apart from their expertise identify what similarity exists in their content and headlines. This will leave you with valuable conclusions to craft your titles.

Also shorter titles enjoy higher retention rate. A heavily worded title confuses the reader more than anything. A short title gives succinct idea as to what can a reader fetch from the content.

2.      Lists fare more than plain sentences

From the hardcopy days, titles that contain a number have always gained more readership, as they directly communicate the benefit count to their reader. And somehow odd number of lists fares a larger audience click-through according to popular researches.’5 Benefits of xyz’ bears higher appeal than ‘6 Benefits of xyz’. So whenever you are creating content and you come up with an even number like 4 or 6 try adding or reducing it to 3, 5 or 7 for greater effect.

Lists help you unleash higher traffic as numbers give a specific count to the readers which is not at all ambiguous.

3.      Include visual content

Instagram owes its popularity entirely to the image sharing feature it exhibits. Images communicate more than words do; along with the message they succinctly convey the background to the viewer. People’s fascination with visuals can be seen through two factors: 1. abundant availability of image and video capturing devices, and 2. domination of image centric social networks on the internet. Hence give out what your audiences are looking for. Stuff your content with ample images supporting your words. This doesn’t only apply to ecommerce websites selling tangible products but even businesses offering services to online community and blogs crammed with knowledgeable articles. Naming your images also contributes to search engine rankings with your website cropping up in search results every time the keyword is searched.

4.      Ornament it

Include statistics and data in your content that render an authentic effect to your writing. Adorn it with some assuring adjectives like absolute, essential, effortless, etc. They grab a reader’s attention and simultaneously promise them a solution. Using question words like how, what, when and why is also a substantial crowd pulling trick.

Include rich snippets in your headlines, so that whenever people search for relevant keywords, you stand the advantage of presenting some portion of your content to the reader. And this will not just indulge your audiences but help Google rank you appropriately based on the extra information.

5.      Offer extra value

Creating a good content is good but the difference that separates great from good is the little extra things that can be provided, without being asked for. This allows you the scope to experiment and surprise your audiences. That little product information, your readers are not able to find elsewhere, extra discount on purchasing more than a certain number of products at the point of sale, distributing freebies to your first-time customers, etc. These value additions improves your brand‘s credibility developing better customer relationships. Most times consumers are not aware of their needs; an opportunist marketer targets this point and launches a product right on time, when people have not even realized its demand.

This phenomenon can be best illustrated with the rise and fall story of the Canadian company ­Research In Motion, popularly known as BlackBerry.  Launched in 1999, the company introduced the world to wireless emailing through highly secured devices with many supportive apps. But with the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 the company suffered highly owing to its fixation with the archaic QWERTY keypad, which had become outdated with the introduction of touch screen devices. While the people were not accustomed to touch phones, they still managed to please users for their convenience.

Whatever business you are in, bringing customers to your door is that first step for which companies deploy huge marketing departments. And a genuine product is what gets you sustained customership.
However a search-engine optimized content creates awareness for your business and keeps you going by frequenting your site with visitors regularly.

Mark Feldman is the chief technology officer at that helps customers easily schedule employee shifts using their web based application through which sharing employee schedules online with your employees becomes seamless. Follow them at @Findmyshift.