Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock

By Danny Groner, Shutterstock

How often have you been sitting in a conference room watching a video or a  presentation and been underwhelmed by the imagery your colleague selected to illustrate his or her slides? As a force of habit or to save time, some people fall back on any old picture in the name of getting to the information and data. But that way of thinking puts the entire presentation at risk — if you don’t give people a reason to pay attention and be engaged then they’ll tune you out. Your choice of photos and video clips really matters.

That message has come through loud and clear for many folks when it comes to the stock photos they pick for their slides; but less common will you find marketers and entrepreneurs thinking analytically and carefully about the video clips they choose for their marketing materials. In fact, video can be more alluring and compelling than any slideshow or text-based slides. With such a rich selection of stock video clips to choose from, we should all start emphasizing how to get the most out of our videos. Don’t just fall back on the same clip of a man in a necktie and a business suit lining up at the start of a race. Here are five types of clips to consider as you rethink the way your company does video, and business.

1. Get graphic with charts. You can show growth and opportunity better through video graphics. Charts have long been a part of presentations, but they traditionally sit still and stoically. With video, you can make them come alive. Your presentations will depend on the combination of persuasive talk and beautiful imagery.

2. Make the world come alive. Some of the most attractive and memorable clips you can find inside a video collection are of the world spinning. The motions and colors help shape a vision of global interests. Showing a world clip will help you showcase the breadth of an opportunity and absolute reach. Veteran filmmakers will advise that you start wide, then bring us in closer.


3. Lead with tech. A technology background is the best way to convey from the first seconds that you’re on the cutting edge of your industry, no matter which one. The fact that you’re using video puts you on the front lines already so you should make sure that the content within echoes that same sentiment.

4. Show me the money. Perhaps the biggest advantage that video has for you is the more subliminal qualities you can take advantage of. What better way to sway others to get behind you than through showing them some money clips? Work them into the larger video, within reason. If done effectively, your viewers will exit ready with spending on their minds.

5. Seek out smarter metaphors. One of the tried and true practices of any presentation is the application of metaphors to help break down the barriers between the presenter and his or her audience. With stills, you’re severely limited in what you can do, especially to extend the metaphor. With video, however, you can sail off into the sunset as you wish. Take a look inside.

Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock.