work enivronment
Group of young business professionals having a meeting

By Kara Masterson

Being healthy means thinking and working healthy. You cannot work in a toxic environment and expect to get good results. Here are 5 ways to create a healthy environment in your workplace.

1. Control the Noise Levels. Control the amount of noise that goes in and out of the office. Think about all of the noises that interrupt your work. If you leave the window open, you will be distracted by the sound of traffic.

No one can concentrate while being bombarded with noises. It takes a lot of strength to ignore the sounds, but you should not waste your strength this way. Close the window if the noises are too much or move into an enclosed office, if possible.

2. Improve the Aesthetics. Improve the aesthetic appearance of the office where you work. Everyone works better in a room that has bright colors and fine decorations. Start by replacing old, rundown furniture with newer, finer looking sets. Consider replacing the curtains or painting over the walls. An attractive office is more likely to boost morale and motivate people to work harder.

3. Get Rid of Pests. Most office buildings are clean but not entirely clean. Office workers always have to worry about running into pests. Even suburban homeowners have to deal with the presence of roaches, termites and rats.

There are many solutions to pest problems, such as roach sprays and rat traps. If you live in a moderately clean home, you could use roach spray at least once. In an office building, you have to deal with a lot more than that. That is why looking into places such as pest control Tulsa is a good idea.

4. Get Rid of Annoying Employees. There is no healthy work environment without teamwork. Not everyone gets along because a few people bicker here and there. However, you cannot work in an environment where the majority of people are hostile and closed off. Also, you cannot work on a team with people who prefer to work by themselves.

5. Play Music. Listening to music as you work does not seem very professional. However, many people do it with few problems. Music can really help keep people calm and sane while they work. It is amazing how much of a difference some soft music can make.

A healthy work environment does not mean the same thing to everyone. Some people think that good health is caused by good lighting. Other people think it is necessary to open the window every day. In the end, you decide what you should do to promote a good, healthy workplace.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. @KaraMasterson.