By Rahul Som

Digital marketing campaigns are made to sell your product, but is this the only thing that the campaigns can do? Just selling products? Actually selling products will be one among other benefits for digital marketing campaigns. The other benefits can be Product reallocation, Brand awareness, and a lot more of long-term benefits that can’t be measured by the number of sales, but it can help your brand to be recognizable in the market and thus help you increase your revenue streams.

Actually, there are a lot of ways you can measure your Digital Marketing campaigns and to measure the successfulness of the campaign you have to answer these five questions.

1- Did I make the objective of the campaign clear?

Before you initiate any Digital Marketing campaigns, it has to have clear goals and objectives about what are the things this campaign is targeting. Whether this campaign will work on your short-term plan and its successfulness will be measured by the number of sales it will make, or will it be focusing on another strategy. All these strategies must be crystal clear and have to be understood by every single employee working on the campaign because for every strategy different tools must be used, different target segment to be targeting and of course, a different platform to make your campaign.

These goals that you have set before the campaign will help in measuring your campaign success or failure, because when you have a clear objective it is easier for you to calculate the results after the campaign has completed its job and see whether this is the required result from the campaign or did you do something wrong in between.

2- Did I clarify my target segments?

Another point you have to worry about when making a Digital Marketing campaign is who do you want your message to be delivered to? This part can be tricky because you don’t want your target segment to be too large or too small. You want your campaign to reach to people who may have interest in your product or service. And to make sure that this campaign will reach these people you have to know who are these people first and what they do in their daily routine. You have to be specified and objective.

But how will you know whether your campaign succeeded or not?

Checking the leads the campaign gets and the clients that this campaign has brought to your company. Are these the target segment that the campaign was targeting? If they are the right target segment, then you did the right job, but if they are not who you already targeted, then you have to be more clear next time and try to concentrate more about your target segments.

3- What platform or platforms should I use?

You focused on a specific target segment, and you have a goal for your campaign, Don’t you think it is important to know the platforms you will be using?

Nowadays, There are a lot of platforms to do digital marketing campaigns on but to decide which platform requires thinking. As you have to make sure that the platform or the platforms you use is known and recognizable by your target segment. You have to understand that your platform will be depending on your target segment that is why it’s important to know your target segments first before you decide which platform you will apply your campaign on.

4- What message will I deliver and How am I going to deliver it?

Now think about the specific messages you are building your campaign on, and you have to evaluate the following

  • How frequently is this message being shared among users on social media?
  • Do you use the right words for your target segments in your messages?
  • What types of messages you want to deliver (Blog post, text-based status update, podcasts, videos, etc.)

These questions are very important to make you understand and build a message that will get to people through your campaign. You want your message to be heard and not just that, you want it to be shared among people, and that is what we call the Word of Mouth which is a very strong tool to make your campaign successful because once your message is being delivered from one person to another without you making any effort that is what success means. So to be able to reach this point you have to make a clear message and to deliver it right.

5- Did I put my money in the right place?

Last, but not least you want to evaluate whether this campaign succeeded or not. Did you put your money in its right place and Was it worth it?

To know the answers to these questions, you have to know two things:

  1. The financial benefits you are gaining from this campaign.
  2. How much did you spend on this campaign?

Rahul Som is a CEO and co-founder of Hopinfirst, one of the top Mobile App development Company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services. Rahul is passionate about Startups, Technology and management and blogs frequently on the topics.

Measure marketing stock photo by Rob Hyrons/Shutterstock