By Irina Vasilescu

If you would like to save money when buying online software subscriptions, you have come to the right place. The costs can add up when you purchase online software subscriptions while living the frugal life. Whether you need to buy antivirus programs, image editing software or something else, you can do so without breaking your budget or pulling money out of your savings account.

This guide explores the top five ways you can keep a little more money in your pocket without giving up the software you need. The tips you are going to learn will amaze you if you have never considered them in the past, and your only regret will be that you did not find this advice any sooner.

1. Don’t Check Out

Companies and market researchers now know that people often put things into their online shopping cart but never check out. Some people forget about the items and never return to the site, but others find an even better deal on another website. A lot of companies have implemented a system to reduce the number of people who walk away without spending money.

These companies will email people discounts and special offers to encourage them to complete the purchase, which is a fact of which you can take advantage. Go to the website and add the software you want to your cart without checking out. If you are lucky, you will find an email containing a significant discount in your inbox within the next few days.

2. Ask for a Discount

If you try a range of methods but don’t discover a viable discount, asking for one never hurts, and the outcome could surprise you. When it comes to online software, it does not cost the company anything to let you download and use it. So it’s much better for them if you buy the software at a discount than if you don’t buy it at all.

Email the support staff to ask about any discounts or special promotions they can provide. When you use this approach, remember that not every company you ask will give you the deal you want. Either way, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot and hoping for the best.

3. Use Online Coupons

If you are serious about saving money when you buy subscriptions, look for coupon websites. Some people don’t give these sites a second thought because they don’t think they are worth it. You don’t want to follow in their footsteps if you care about your budget. Coupon websites can save you up to 50 percent or more on the software you use each day, allowing you to keep even more money in your pocket. If you have trouble finding a coupon site for the software you want to buy, use Google and other search engines to reach your goal.

4. Buy Multiple Subscriptions

Do you have friends or family who use the same software that you use? If so, you and your friends can enjoy impressive savings by working together and buying several subscriptions at the same time. You will find that a lot of software companies give discounts to businesses that purchase subscriptions for each computer they own, but you don’t have to be a business professional to benefit from this trend.

Speak with your friends and family to learn how many of them are interested in the software. Once you complete that step, see if the software companies you have in mind offer discounts for bulk purchases. You can then divide the total cost of the order among each person who wants to use the software, and the savings are sure to make you smile.

5. Join a Company’s Mailing List

As far as the frugal life is concerned, you need to use every opportunity to save cash you get. Most companies capitalize on email marketing to build trust and long-term relationships with their clients, and you get useful information and exclusive discounts by signing up for the mailing list. Most businesses send out coupons and other discounts during the holidays, so keep your eyes on the inbox during that time for deals you won’t want to miss.

Keep in mind that you might not get discounts if you are already a member. You can create additional email accounts to sign up without buying anything. When you get discounts or other offers in your extra email account, you can use them to save money on your current subscriptions. You can save up to 50 percent or more with this method depending on the software you use each day.

Irina Vasilescu is the financial editor behind many of the projects over at DontPayFull, as well as their crafty designer. Check out their blog for more personal finance and DIY content!

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