business storage
Woman sitting at desk in office, looking over shoulder

By Dixie Somers

If your small company is starting to grow, then chances are you may be accumulating lots of extra items that are causing the office to feel cramped. Although you don’t frequently use things like an extra printer or a barely-used carpet that might be needed as backup someday, you want to hold on to them, knowing they could save the business money one day. Rather than overflowing the office with non-essentials, take advantage of business storage to save time and money as well as prevent accidents.

1. Trim Costs

Depending on the type of things that are sitting around in your office, you could be spending extra to store them. For example, if you’ve designated an office area or room for storing equipment or documents, you might want to keep it cool and thus use more air conditioning than you normally would. Storing unused office furniture means there is more to clean for the maintenance crew, which could raise the cost. Storage containers add more expenses to office storage.

2. Save Time

Taking minutes or hours to dig through mounds and stacks of boxes to find something is costing the company valuable employee time that could be better spent doing work. Sorting through closets and drawers of seldom-used items to find something whose location is uncertain is frustrating as well as unproductive.

3. Prevent Injuries

Keeping extra things around the office can be dangerous as well as messy. Not only will the area look untidy, but employees or customers could trip over boxes of storage, cords of extra machines, and stacks of supplies that should be kept out of reach and sight. Climbing into a storage nook at the office can be hazardous, especially for someone who is not used to getting on a ladder or reaching into small crevices where insects or rodents may have nests.

4. Get Organized

Sending unneeded items to business storage that you want to hold on to indefinitely makes sense. You’ll be able to organize and box up everything, and label it, so things can be readily found when needed. They will be kept clean and orderly so you don’t have to worry what condition you’ll find them in. Climate control helps to ensure they will not be damaged by mold, mildew, or insect infestations.

5. Look Good

Clearing your company space of unnecessary items that can be placed in professional storage is a smart move. You’ll save time, money, and effort by getting business storage.What’s more, your office will look tidier to both your employees and guests. A cleaner appearance can help your business’s reputation and aid employee productivity at the same time.

Dixie Somers is an Arizona-based freelance writer. Follow her @DixieSomers.