By Rieva Lesonsky

51b9iWnDAAL._SL160_AA115_Are you looking to improve customer service in your business? If not, you should be—no matter how good your customer service is, it needs to keep getting better to keep up with our increasingly self-service world. When customers can go online and find whatever they need at the cheapest price in minutes, why should they buy from you?

If you want to make sure they do come to you, you’ll want to read BAM! Bust a Myth: Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World by Barry J. Moltz and Mary Jane Grinstead.

Moltz is a serial entrepreneur and small-business expert; Grinstead is a former corporate employee who now runs her own business. Together, they provide a step-by-step guide to differentiating your business through “BAM!-good” customer service.

Moltz and Grinstead “bust” 20 myths about customer service, and tell you how to figure out which ones are holding your company back. They also explain how to overcome the “BAM! Blockers” or obstacles to outstanding customer service in your business.

Do you really know what kind of service customers want? Maybe what you think is helpful, customers see as a hindrance. This book will show you how to find out. Once you know what customers want, the book helps you figure out how to deliver it and measure your success.

The ultimate goal: not to be a “feel-good” company, but to boost your bottom line. That could mean treating some customers better than others—and even dumping customers who are more trouble than they’re worth. This isn’t your typical customer service book full of bad-service and good-service stories (though there are a few). Instead, Moltz and Grinstead offer lots to think about and lots of ways to apply their advice to your business. With the holiday sales season upon us, there’s never been a better time to take a good, hard look at what you’re doing—and how to do it better.