By Rieva Lesonsky

Have you missed any of my blog posts from elsewhere on the Web this week? Read on to see what I’m thinking about.

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What does entrepreneurship mean to you? To me–and many of you–it’s freedom. Read my column to find out why starting a business is a personal “declaration of independence” for so many people.

Do your customers have FOMO? (Maybe you’ve got it.) Find out what FOMO is–and how to benefit from it–in my post on AT&T’s SmallBusiness InSite.

Are you struggling to find that mythical creature called “work-life balance”? Your staff is, too. Read my post on American Express OPEN Forum for some ways to help them deal with it.

Small business owners’ optimism about the economy is (understandably) going up and down. Most recently, women entrepreneurs seem to be feeling more positive about the future. Find out more in my post on Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends.

As you may know if you’ve filed for a patent in recent years, the U.S. patent system seems to be stuck in a logjam. Fortunately, things are finally moving forward with Congress taking action on big change to our patent process. Read about whether the proposed changes will help or hurt entrepreneurial inventors in my post on Network Solutions’ GrowSmartBusiness blog.

Whether entrepreneurs are born–or made–is a debate that has raged for decades. Read my post on the SCORE Success Blog to learn about some new research into the effects of entrepreneurial education on whether students really start businesses.