MLM Multi Level Marketing

By Dan Radak

MLM companies and pyramid schemes are not the same thing. While pyramid schemes are based on recruiting new members to pay the membership fee and recruit more, MLM companies actually sell products in this way. Therefore, while pyramid schemes are illegal, MLM companies are more the legitimate and some of them, like Avon, Herbalife or Tupperware are amazingly successful. Moreover, you can learn a thing or two from them – more precisely, about six useful secrets.

Putting a Face Together with the Company Name

One of the first things where the MLM companies do differently than the regular companies is the way they recruit their sellers. Mostly, those people do this for supplemental income. Either way, you can see that Avon invites you to ‘call your Avon lady’. You have a person that you think of when you want to purchase something from any of the MLM companies. It is not just some faceless business – it is a person who becomes your acquaintance.

Making the Employees a Part of a Family-Like Structure

All the MLM companies have a product, but also, an idea that connects everything. The employees are thoroughly acquainted with the company policy, product that they sell and the way that they can make progress in their work. Seminars, talks, trainings and team building strategies are very common for the MLM companies. In this way, employees are more motivated and they easily transfer their enthusiasm to their clients.

Giving the Personal Example

It is very hard to sell the products if you do not believe in them personally. That is why the MLM companies encourage their sales personnel to use the products themselves. In that way, the very process of selling is more like an exchange of experience and opinion on a product than a regular purchase. This gains trust with customers.

Earning Those Testimonials

Once those satisfied customers learn about the quality of your product, they will spread the word about them and that is the most valuable way of advertising. Some of them will even become a part of the MLM network. That will make them even better sales persons and all that directly contributes to the sales network of the entire company.

Blooming with the Social Networks

Some of the companies encourage their users to make before and after pictures and share them on the social media. This creates a buzz of success around their products and makes people engaged and motivated. Others organize contests that are to be shared on the social media, as well. Either way, since MLM companies are all about creating word-of-mouth advertising, social media just enabled for it to happen online, as well. This sort of social media use is a great way to boost lead generation to your website.

Keeping Up with the Changes

Another way in which MLM companies manage to stay successful is their flexibility when it comes to their brand and product. All of them worked very hard to build their brand, but if a new trend appears, they will definitely make the most of it. Cosmetics companies expand their product range and incorporate fitness clothes and accessories, as well. Tupperware follows the healthy lifestyle trend and incorporates bottles for fitness shakes into their line of products. They remain the same while improving their offer.

While MLM companies are all about the personal approach, they also keep up with the new technologies. They all have extremely well made websites, with excellent ecommerce platforms, but they still advise you to contact their people nearest to you in order to get more information on their product. All these companies are based on one common thing – first of all, they have a good and solid product.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.