As a small business, you can establish your brand by investing in some clever advertising that will make you even more attractive to your customers.

By Meggie Nahatakyan

As a small business owner, you have better chances of connecting with your target market. If you are a mom and pop shop owner at the corner of the street or if you are running a small restaurant in a neighborhood you may have already established a certain reputation in your community. The same goes for online businesses. You may already have a solid customer base that prefers your products and services compared to the big-name brands.  Small businesses offer value and experience that can’t be gained from the big players. As a small business, you can establish your brand by investing in some clever advertising that will make you even more attractive to your customers.

Product Packaging

Packaging is one of the first things that will establish your business into the consciousness of your customers. It is a wise investment to get a professional to do your logo design and other promotional materials. A professional will know the best graphic designs that will convey your business aims. The right color combinations, typography, and images will help your business stand out as a unique brand. You can also consider personalizing your packaging with a laser engraving machine, it will make your product unique and cut some extra costs in printing and complicating designing processes.


Nearly every business has an online presence these days and even if you are primarily a brick and mortar you need to get your presence known online. Good SEO also helps you gain more customers. Having a good website that does well in rankings can help you get found and this translates to better business for you. In an era where everyone is online, a good SEO strategy will allow people to discover your business increasing chances for conversions. Some good SEO practices to adapt would be ensuring a user-friendly website, relevant content, and on-page SEO.


Everyone is browsing web pages online or looking through their social media. PPC or pay per click is a strategy wherein companies develop ads and bid on keywords that are using customer to find businesses or products like yours. When a user clicks on the advertisement the company pays a small fee to the search engine. It is not enough to just build a website you have to share its existence out there. Paying for advertising in other sites guarantee that there will be more people visiting your landing pages and reading your content. Search engines don’t normally feature small businesses in the top ranking so PPC is a good alternative. You can get more people to discover your products and services as the fame of your website increases.

Interior decorations

If you are a brick and mortar interior decoration matter. Your interiors convey your business philosophy and also gives customers an idea of what to expect from your establishment. Hire some experts to do your interiors for you. It is ideal that your interiors are streamlined with your packaging and logo. It takes a bit of expertise to assess what design will make an impact on customers. Your interiors like your packaging is an extension of your business personality. The kind of colors and materials you use should be pleasing and comfortable for your customers.

Vehicle signs or vinyl decals for windows

Giving away vehicle signs further increase brand awareness. When people stick your logo to their cars it just means they love your products and services. Branding your company vehicles with the business logo is also a great way to reinforce the brand. Vehicles and cars travel everywhere and people bored with traffic may just read all about your business and decide they want your products and services. Getting your signs out there is essential in getting people to be knowledgeable of your brand and to make you stand out from the competition. Signs also help draw attention and educate the public about your business.

Storefront signs

Your storefront sign is another way to get the attention your business needs and to further reinforce your brand. Choose a nice logo and material for your storefront sign. Signs can be made from materials such as wood, punched metal, fabric, or glass decal. You can incorporate some lighting into the signage to make it more unique and eye-catching especially at night.

Meggie Nahatakyan is a marketing expert and a data junkie at OmnicoreAgency with more than six years of experience in the field. Aside from being a marketing nerd, she loves taking her life to the extreme with bungee jumping and skydiving when she feels some freedom.

Advertising stock photo by garagestock/Shutterstock