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The advent of co-working spaces and shared offices are nothing short of a revolution. Supplemented by today’s abundance of prospects, rising trends, and growing need in the freelance as well as corporate sectors, co-working spaces are now one of the most sought after occupancy solutions.

These places offer some of the most vibrant work environments, the finest infrastructure, and a great quality of ergonomics at affordable rates. Now with an emerging demand among online contractors, freelancers, over-time workers, and other types of self-employed and independent workers, shared workspaces have become a highly desired occupancy solution between the growing entrepreneur and freelancer community. To help you get some exposure to these high-value workspace options, we are taking the opportunity of sharing 6 key reasons how the future of businesses rests on the growing use of co-working spaces.

1. Offer Great Work Culture

As an entrepreneur, your workers will always appreciate the investment of a good environment you are providing for them. Employees value quality work culture and co-working spaces are the perfect place to exercise and experience it. Moreover, it helps in the grooming of the worker and engenders a sense of pride and identity in them for the company.

2. Highly Cost-Efficient

Most importantly, your costs of managing and office get drastically cut down. One of the design fundamentals behind the creation of co-working spaces was cost-friendliness, which is exactly what budding entrepreneurs and freelancers desire. Co-working spaces offer budget-savvy packages for all kinds of independent workers with a wide range of facilities and amenities such as 24/7 open kitchen, fast and accessible Wi-Fi, photocopiers and printers, meeting rooms, projectors, and even a snack bar for getting your energy levels up.

3. Easier to Expand Business

One of the key reasons why Co-working spaces are the future of businesses is because they foster a progressive culture under one roof, connecting the entrepreneur community and stimulating of a growing atmosphere for innovation and synergy. This promotes inter-business collaboration which is one of the key ingredients of a thriving business community.

4. Finding Resources and Talent

Another major benefit of working under a co-working space is the abundance of talent that you can recruit for your everyday business tasks. Co-working spaces are rich with a huge diversity of talent and skills which allows entrepreneurs to hire suitable resources without having to hire an HR or headhunting agency and wait for months until the right talent shows up. This not only saves costs of running an HR department within your company but also streamlines your efforts in finding the right person for the job.

5. Country Compatible Legitimacy

Working under a co-working space gives you the legitimacy of a structured and registered company that owns a physical space. Since many countries have laws that require a company to own physical space in order to be legitimized and legally incorporated, co-working spaces give the perfect, cost-effective and ready-to-go space for entrepreneurs to pay as they step in. Co-working spaces adhere to the company formation laws of the country, region, or state and save from the unnecessary scrutiny many other traditional office spaces have to go through.

6. Flexibility and Customization

Last but not least, co-working spaces are made for everyone. These places have flexible occupancy plans for co-workers, freelancers, part-time employees, entrepreneurs, and full-scale companies. You can also pursue customized plans for your specific needs and tailor them according to your business preferences.

Final Takeaway

To our research and experience, cost efficiency, a positive work environment, and suitable infrastructure are the key determinants for any business’s ultimate success. These are the cornerstones that later on help in the growth of a business. The idea of co-working space was designed on the very essence of these factors, to build a vibrant work atmosphere that hosts a community of businesses and independent workers. Now as co-working culture is expanding, more and more businesses are transitioning towards this model to save on their costs, streamline their workflows, and get better value.

Usman Ali is a Digital Marketing Expert with good experience in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. He is currently working at TheDesk – an innovative Co-working space in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and loves to write on various topics and express his thoughts in the form of write-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn.

Co-working spaces stock photo by Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock