Content is the King.

Whether you are new to the field of online marketing or you are an experienced professional, chance are you have come across this statement at least once. Read as many articles or blogs as you want on online marketing. There’s one thing all of them have in common-  an out-and-out emphasis on quality content writing. 60% of marketers produced one piece of content a least each day. According to 57% of marketers, creating custom content had been their top marketing priority since 2014. In fact, content writing services accounts for about 29% of B2B marketing budgets. 

So, what is it about content that marketers are so interested in? Here are the six reasons why content writing is undeniably an important part of online marketing. 

1. Educates the world about your brand 

Think about this for a minute. 

There are at least 1,197,982,359 websites all over the world. Millions of websites might be present in your niche itself. So, how would you let your target audience know about your brand? Yes, you can ask your friends and family to check out your website. But that isn’t enough to let the whole world know. Is it? 

This is where content comes into play. 

Top-notch quality content is what you need to spread the word about your business and industry. The right kind of content can bring you closer to your target audience. It will help them understand your business even better. For instance, let’s say you run an academic writing business. And your target audience has a query like “Who will write my essay?” You can answer this question in one of the FAQs of your website. 

All in all, it helps you get your consumers on your side and discover every detail about your brand. It is only after they understand your business completely that they will be able to trust you undoubtedly. 

2. Improves your search engine rankings 

Let’s say you want to know which the best restaurant in your area is. What would you do? Chances are you will type “best restaurants near me” on Google and pick the one that tops the list. People these days resort to major search engines like Google or Bing to look for the products they need. So, it is imperative to rank your website on the first page of Google. Good quality content can boost your search engine rankings and help you reach your potential customers. 

Here’s how can write SEO-optimised content:

  • Research the right set of keywords that your target audiences use to search your nature of business. Once you have the list of the keywords, you need to use them in your content. 
  • Include a call to action at the end of each page to compel your website visitors to take the action you want them to take. 
  • When you are ready with the content, it’s time for you to submit the page to Google. Make sure you submit each page individually and not as a cluster. 

3. Earns links from other websites 

Links, or rather backlinks, are an important SEO ranking factor. Each link acts as a vote of confidence for Google. The more links you earn, the more reliable your website seems to be on Google. You can get the links by writing a good piece of content, adding them on Google or submitting them on sites like blog submission or article submission sites. You get a link for every piece of content you add on Google. 

Tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are trying to earn links on Google, it is better that you target long-tail keywords. These keywords are less competitive. Thus, you would have a better chance at getting the content to the top of SERPs, thereby earning quality links. 
  • Using other keywords may take a little longer for your content to rank in SERPs. 
  • You will only need a few links to gain an online presence enough to stay at the top of the competition. 

4. Boosts your social media presence 

Everyone has a social media account. People scroll their social media feed to stay updated rather than watching the news on television. Similarly, all kinds of businesses have their respective social media pages through which they can reach out to an even broader set of audience. 

What is the connection between social media accounts and content?

  • Facebook– Post your content’s link and write a brief summary of what it is about. Let the post earn interactions in the form of shares, likes and comments from your followers naturally.
  • Twitter- It works the same way as Facebook
  • LinkedIn- You can post links to your content on this site. But, LinkedIn also allows you to post entire blogs if you want. 

5. Increases your conversion rates 

A conversion takes place when your website visitors turn into paying customers. Better conversion rates contribute to the growth of your online brand. The first towards increasing your conversion rates is creating quality and original piece of content. 

So, how is it done?

CTAs or call to actions help you tell your website visitors what to do after they are done reading the content on your site. You can, however, customise the CTA for each page based on the context of the page. CTAs are the best options when it comes to encouraging your website visitors to make a purchase. 

6. Makes you an authority in your industry

The content that you create reflects your knowledge, passion and interest in a specific topic related to your industry. Let’s say you have an interior designing business. So, you may choose to discuss “5 tips to redecorate your room in a pocket-friendly budget.” Similarly, if you are a handmade goods seller, your topics may include “how to make your own handmade scrapbook?”

These kinds of topics show your expertise in the field. This expertise may be unnoticed when you are starting initially. But, as your website gains popularity, these pieces of content will come in handy among your target audience. 

Relevant and quality pieces of content lead to an increase in links from different reliable sites. The mentions on social media increase, thereby boosting your overall conversion rates. Quality content lets your readers know that you are an expert in your field, and it is okay to trust you. 

Wrapping Up

It isn’t an easy feat to curate quality content. But, once you get the hang of it, earning revenue and boosting conversion rates will be as easy as a breeze. Isn’t that the bottom line of marketing? Remember, content is the foundation of digital marketing strategy. No strategy will ever be successful without well-written and well-researched pieces of content. So, in case you haven’t focused on this matter yet, it’s time for you to prioritise content writing for your online business. 

Stella Brown is a content creator at a reputed firm in the United Kingdom. She also provides assignment help to students at Stella loves to spend time with her friends and family whenever she is free. 

Content marketing stock photo by Ivelin Radkov/Shutterstock