Have you ever read a blog without a picture? Ever wondered why you can’t find one? Read on. These six reasons why you should add images to a blog post will help yours stand out among the rest.

  1. The physical composition looks better.

A blog without any picture is like a book without its cover page. Something just doesn’t feel right. There are substantial reasons actually why you simply feel that way.

A picture may also act as a text division. It helps in the division of the entire text into several logical parts – resulting into its better readability. And because it is logically separated, a reader can read faster by simply scanning the parts that he needs.

Reading time is reduced because of this. Thus, a reader will be able to read more blogs.

Images also provide that vibe for your readers that your article looks longer and more detailed, without feeling tired in the first glimpse.

  1. Social media loves visual content.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn users don’t pay much attention to posts without images. The number tells – 35% of them engage more on posts with pictures than on purely text posts.

Others will even press the like button immediately after seeing an emotional and relatable picture. So the probability is also higher that they will share your post for others to open.

This type of sharing is more dynamic than using a material with purely text because it is livelier, and speaking of livelier, people with busy and livelier schedules, will definitely prefer posts with pictures.

No user wants an ugly social media account, so if you have interesting pictures, expect many likes and shares already.

  1. Images are attention grabbers.

Get your reader to drop what he is doing, think and read your blog.

Make your blog memorable. You can do that by establishing a great deal of emotional connection. How? Spice things up by choosing colorful and expressive images.

Don’t lose your visitors by having visually dull photos because they won’t be very accommodating and friendlier to you afterwards.

In contrary, a good image may become your gateway to ask them to like, comment or share.

Your image should be connected to the context of your texts. After all, an image is a visual sign to give your reader an idea of what the post is all about.

  1. Images aid in grabbing lots of traffic from search engines.

Your images must have titles, alt text and image description. Incorporate this in your content management system because this helps in making more traffic in search engines.

The underlying principle behind is that since SEO is all about making sure that you use your desired keyword as often as possible, then you will sometimes run the risk of making too much repetitive texts in your content – image file names will then just do the trick.

These images whereabouts are not for your readers but are for search engines. In fact some search engines like Pinterest prioritizes the description text for the image more than the keyword text.  To them this is more convenient since usually an image adequately describes what your post is all about. Makes sense because like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. Images make things simpler.

               When we talk about complex explanations, things get difficult to understand when you are only using words. Images like screenshots for a specific way of doing things allows your reader to simplify things for better comprehension.

One important point to remember also is that it is easier to remember what you saw than what you read. So images really makes like easier as well.

Don’t forget about yourself too. Preparation for an actual body of an article takes longer than finding the right image. So life is really better with images.

  1. Images express an atmosphere of professionalism.

               The perfect blend of texts and graphics is the answer to all the aesthetic needs of your reader.  Having been able to do that will make your posts emit an aura of elegance.

You must have that knack of knowing how the elements of your blog fit in together, when your best critics who are your readers can sense that, then you can definitely call yourself a professional blogger and images evidently play a vital part.

Don’t be boring and always strive to use images in leaving an impression. Give your visitors enough reasons to keep coming back to your posts.

In case you are wondering how to capture the high-quality image, the first step is to have the proper equipment and a perfect camera for social media is what you need to increase your engagements of your blog post.

George Minton is a camera enthusiast. Cameraseals is his personal blog where he shares most of my interests and experiences from using cameras.

Blog stock photo by REDPIXEL.PL/Shutterstock