Small business owners benefit from outsourcing many aspects of their businesses, but finances can easily rise to the top of that list.

By Alex Lawson

If you’re looking to streamline the way your small business runs, or you’re having trouble handling the bulk of the work on your own, outsourcing your small business finances to a reliable professional might be the solution to your woes.

1. The Budget Never Works Out Properly

If you wind up with significantly more or less money than you expected at the end of the month, that’s a sign that your finances need to be sorted out. While fluctuations in business income are completely normal, consistent and unpredictable fluctuations are a sign that you need the help of a professional. You might have sources of income or expenses that you’re failing to consider, and an pro can sort the situation out. That same professional might also be able to adjust your budget to account for these fluctuations.

2. Payroll Takes Up a Lot of Time

If it’s taking you a long time to sort out how much you owe your employees, they won’t appreciate that. Many people who work for small businesses understand that they’re not the same well-oiled machine as a large corporation, but they also want to get their paychecks predictably. Outsourcing your business finances might help you keep your employees happy.

3. You’re Not Sure if You Need a Loan

If you’re looking to expand your small business in some way, you need the capital to do it. If you can do it with the money you have, that’s excellent. If not, you might need some loan advice. Either way, you’re going to need someone to go over your finances with a fine-toothed comb. This takes up a lot of time, and it’s a complicated process. Outsourcing your finances to a pro can help you approach your future endeavors with a thorough understanding of the state of your finances.

4. You Have Everything on Paper in a Back Room

Keeping all of your finances on paper in a back room is outdated, disorganized, and unsafe. Proper financial management involves a secure environment with the proper technology. If you’re unable to create that environment within your small business, it’s better to leave your finances to someone who is already prepared. There will be less margin for error, and a reduced chance that important data will be misplaced.

5. You’re Having a Hard Time Fulfilling Your Other Duties

You and your staff have a lot to do. Small business employees often need to work much harder than big business employees, because there are less people to fulfill each role. If managing your finances is taking away significant blocks of time you could be using to tend to other areas of your business, you might suffer because of it. Outsourcing your finances can free up more of your time to handle other important tasks.

6. You Fear You’re Losing Money

If your small business is losing money, the root cause can be any number of things. You should first rule out that it isn’t a result of financial mismanagement. If you can’t afford an in-house financial expert to keep an eye on the money as it ebbs and flows, outsourcing is the best way to fix that situation. Make sure you can afford to survive another year and prevent yourself from unnecessarily springing cash leaks.

You only stand to benefit from better specialty advice and financial management by outsourcing finances of your small business. Start vetting candidates, and leave the books in trusted hands.

Alex Lawson is a Financial Team Leader and a blogger, working together with other experts at Brighter Finance. Whenever not working on another project or helping customers with their financial issues, Alex may usually be found online, reading money-related blogs and sharing his tips with other experts.

Finances stock photo by bleakstar/Shutterstock