Businesses of all types and sizes are always looking for new ways to increase sales to their current customers. Even if your business is finding great success, there are some tactics you can use to up your game and boost your sales at the same time.

By Megan Totka

Here are six ways to sell more in less time.

Make it personal

Always do what you can to forge a relationship and relate to your prospect, but don’t force the conversation. Think about your customer and find out what he or she has going on in their life. Did they just welcome a baby? Move to a new city? Talk about this before you dive into business conversation. Your interaction should be professional, but it’s good to break down some of the barriers by getting to know them.

Set goals

You need to know how to set and execute business goals if you want to encourage teamwork and sell more. The intent of goals is to ensure your team is connected with the purpose of your business. Goal setting helps everything figure out what each individual wants to achieve. When you document your intentions and have something to hold you accountable, you’re much more likely to make sure those goals become a reality.

Respond promptly

Speed does matter – according to Salesforce, 35-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds the fastest. Show that you are eager, willing and able to help. A quick response can be the difference between making the sale and not.

Treat your team right

If you want to increase sales, you must first increase workplace productivity and boost morale. Delegate properly and empower your employees. Make sure to treat your team well and let them know you value them. Whether you offer special discounts to local stores, a free gym membership or Gourmesso pods, your team will appreciate knowing that you go the extra mile to ensure they’re happy. And happy employees go the extra mile.

Follow up

If you start with a call to a prospective customer and don’t get an answer, follow up with an email. This is proven to be the most effective sales process. Don’t be afraid to use your contact information to help you sell more. Today’s attention spans are short – make sure you stay in the forefront of your customers minds.

Don’t try to sell to those who are not motivated

Do not approach those who aren’t ready. You’re a good judge of who wants to make a commitment and who is just browsing around. If you don’t feel that someone has the intention of making a purchase, move them to a different category. When they’re genuinely interested and ready, you can get in touch with them again.

Every business owner is crunched for time and wants to make more sales to boost their bottom line. Make sure to work smarter, not harder. Incorporate these simple and practical tips into your daily work routine and you can sell more in less time.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. Megan can be reached at

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