Webinar marketing is no longer a new term in the industry. It is one of the best ways to get new leads and clients for businesses. It provides better engagement with your audience. You get to sell digital products via your webinar, and many more.

But there’s a catch.

Achieving the above result is only possible if you’re able to get a sizable number of people to register and also attend your webinar.

And that’s where the problem lies.

The struggle doesn’t end at getting a sizable number of registrants. You need to make sure a good percentage of them attend.

That’s because the number of webinar attendees is always lower than the number of registrants, some webinars get as low as a 30% attendance rate.

On the other hand, successful webinars can get as high as a 70% webinar attendance rate. 

Want to know their secrets? Here are seven tactics to increase your webinar attendance rate.

1. Fix a Flexible Day and Time

One of the reasons registrants don’t finally get to attend webinars is because they don’t have time. It’s as simple as that.

Not all of them forget about the webinar, they get the marketing notifications but are very busy to sit and watch your webinar.

In that case, you need to fix a flexible date and time for your webinars. Consider your audience and how busy they are.

You can’t compare a stay-at-home mom’s schedule to that of a sales personnel. Once you know who your audience is and what their schedule looks like you would be able to come up with a better date and time.

According to research, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are perfect days to host a webinar.

Also, the best time of the day is 10 am or 11 am PST / 1 pm or 2 pm EST.

Avoid picking dates that clash with public holidays, events, etc.

2. Provide Exclusive Offers to Attendees

I hate to break this to you but incentives do work. Some registrants just need a little push and encouragement to attend your webinar.

This could be giving them exclusive offers. For instance, your offer could be a book, template, etc.

You have to make it known to your registrants that you’ll be giving exclusive offers for free to entice them.

3. Engage Consistently with Registrants Before the Webinar

Some forget or are bumped up with work that they easily forget about your webinar.

What you want to do is make the date stick by engaging consistently with registrants on social media.

Have discussions with them on things relating to the webinar and never miss an opportunity to ask about what they want you to address in the webinar.

Not only will this increase your webinar attendance rate, but it will also attract new registrants on social media.

4. Send Text Reminders to Registrants

Sending reminders via text messages is a better way of ensuring your registrants get the reminder.

People are always sticking to their phones. So you can be sure that they’ll get it.

This isn’t a replacement for email reminders but a good addition. The catch about emails is that people love turning off their email notifications to avoid distraction when working.

So, if your email gets to them when their notification is off, you can’t be sure they would pay more attention to your email when batch-reading their emails.

5. Host Webinar More Than Once

Many registrants miss webinars because they have a busy schedule and the least you can do is to be flexible with the time and date of your webinar.

A way to do this is to host your webinar more than once. You can do it twice, thrice, as you wish.

Hosting webinars more than once will give more opportunities to busy registrants that missed the previous webinar.

And this way, you can have a better attendance rate. It doesn’t have to be a live webinar, you can play the recording from your first webinar and engage with attendees via the chat section.

6. Use the Right Webinar Platform

Having to download a webinar app to have access to the webinar room sucks.

How many more webinar apps do I have to install to have access to every webinar I sign up for?

These are things you need to consider. Some attendees will find it tasking to download an app to attend your webinar.

So, when choosing a webinar software, choose a browser-based platform that allows your attendees to watch the webinar right on their browser.

7. Provide a Good Webinar Experience

One thing that reduces the webinar attendance rate is poor webinar experience. 

Poor sound, low video quality, poor streaming service are some of the things that discourage attendees from staying till the end of the webinar.

You need to choose a webinar platform that provides a good webinar experience. Use a good camera and microphone to provide quality sound and recording.

Ensure you test everything including your internet connection before launching your webinar. Good experience matters.

In the end, marketing and hosting a successful webinar is all about knowing your audience and making it comfortable and easy for them to attend your webinar.

Khris Steven is a content marketer and the founder of Khrisdigital. He blogs about marketing tools, trends, side hustles, and how small business owners can make more from their business by serving and impacting lives using the best sales funnel software in the market.

You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Webinar marketing stock photo by fizkes/Shutterstock