We are aware that a successful content marketing comes from a well-planned and developed marketing strategy, which is supported by the right marketing tools. Getting the right marketing tools is not just a matter of preference, but somewhat urgency that significantly helps you in building your community or audience that wants your products. Still, if you are a beginner, you may have a hard time picking up the right tools as you do not know which ones are great and useful. So, let’s take a quick look at the most useful marketing tools that should be part of your marketing arsenal! Google any of these tools to find out more information about these.


The key thing in delivering content to users is giving them the content that is interesting to them. This means you should give them the interesting topics that would attract people to read your post and possibly become a valuable lead. But how can you know what are the interesting topics, how is the biggest influencer in the niche you are in and what type of content is shared across the web? BuzzSumo is a great tool that reveals you the most interesting topics in your niche, the notification once new content is posted by your competitors, as well as the keywords that are important to you. It also gives you an insight and analysis of other content so you could plan, prepare, and organize the content that your customers would like to see.


Staying organized is a key thing in every work, and it is the same with marketing content. Evernote is a good tool that allows you to capture your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and all other relevant information that you collect during your analysis and planning. It supports adding web images, URLs, PDFs and many more. The best part is that you can access it through any of the devices – from Android and iOS to Windows and Linux systems. You can even organize information by sheets so you can store different categories of information for your strategy.


Big companies and serious enterprises always work with a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on the subject. One of the best tools for organizing your team and colleagues, regardless of your work, is Trello platform. Whether you are building a simple online resume service or a huge website that deals with auto parts, you will need a good organization to avoid redundancy work and other problems of poor organization. It allows you to organize, track, edit and improve the overall progress of your project while you can access the project anytime you want. The straightforward and user-friendly layout allows you easy browsing and categorizing of projects and plans, so you can stay on track with your overall progress.


Any type of product or service that you offer online should be presented to subscribers and potential clients. ClickFunnel is a fantastic tool that allows you to create easy email campaigns for your visitors that might become leads and potential sales. Instead of making your campaign step-by-step, ClickFunnel allows you easy automation and flawless campaign work that you can set according to your preferences and needs. All the templates that you can use after you subscribe are made based on the good and fruitful campaigns in the past, so you do not waste time on testing the campaign. Sales and memberships funnels, email automatic systems, and webinar/landing pages are there within reach of your hand, so you do not have to lose time on setting up and testing the campaigns that would eventually bring you profit!


We all know how important is to share regular news and updates on your projects and news. Using Tweeter is not only about posting tweets and sharing the news but also about the right time to post. Tweriod allows you to analyze the best time of day to tweet, as not each hour of the day is good for posting. The tool allows you to analyze the ideal time when you should share news so more users could notice your post. You can utilize the visual report where you can see the ideal time but also a number of times somebody mentioned or replied to your tweet.


Graphical design is more than just posting the images that are beautiful and appropriate for your content. As we know, Photoshop may be complicated to learn for some people but also expensive to pay the license. Instead of Photoshop, you can use Canva, which is an easy-to-follow design tool that features a lot of pre-built templates and layouts. It allows you to create tailor-made templates for social media channels or any other platform that you will use to post your news. The best part is that is really simple to use and allows you to craft perfect images, along with the content you need to post.


If you are just starting your website and you want to find the most interesting topics and news, you might want to use SEMRush as it gives you insight into the work of your competitors. You can analyze keywords that bring organic rankings, CPC, your ranking level, backlinks, and tons of other information that are useful to bring your website to life. It also supports the launching email marketing campaigns, which is very useful when you just starting out with the new campaign and you want to test it.

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