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By Monika Jansen

Depending on your business, December is either out-of-control-crazy (in a good, cha-ching way) or quiet. If it’s the latter, take advantage of a lull in the action and put together a new promotion to launch once January hits and everyone’s re-energized and eager to start out the year with a bang.

Here are 7 post-holiday promotion ideas for your B2B small business:

Upsell current clients

Review your list of clients and the products and services they’re currently using. Based on their goals, what other products or services would they find valuable as they seek to grow their own businesses? In other words, how can you help them do even better next year?

I actually just went through this exercise, and the response has been great. The key is writing a super personalized email to each of them that lays out why this other product or service is perfect for their needs.

Develop a “we miss you” campaign

Bring back clients who have gone dark with a “we miss you” campaign. Because you’ll want to incentivize them, you could offer a one-time only discount, give them first access to a new product or service, or throw in a freebie, like an extra hour of consulting for free.

Re-launch a Service

Getting an entirely new service and its accompanying marketing campaign off the ground in less than a month is daunting. So don’t. Instead, re-launch a service by adding new benefits or features to it.

Alternatively, you could “officially” launch a service that you already offer to one or a few clients. If it’s been well-received, why not?

Bundle products or services into a package

Whether you decide to offer a package (or packages) permanently or for a limited time only, the lower price point they typically carry (versus buying everything a la carte) is a great way to spur sales and attract new clients (or upsell current ones!).

Start a Post-Sales Campaign

This is on my to-do list! The idea behind this automated sales campaign is to stay engaged with clients you just worked with. Right now, I’m thinking about doing four emails: A general thank you, a referral request, a testimonial request, and a resell/upsell.

Run a Contest

The holidays are so fun and festive – and January can feel so blah in comparison. So make it fun by running a contest on social media. You’ll capture new leads and engage with your target market in a different way. One tip: when it comes to the prize, remember that cash is king.

Share a New eBook

Or a white paper, infographic, checklist, worksheet – whatever type of gated download makes sense for your business. Again, it’s a great way to capture leads, and it gives you plenty of fodder for discussion on social media and in your newsletter.

What else are you working on in December? If you’ve other post-holiday promotion ideas, we’re all ears!

Monika is Head Kick-Ass Copywriter and Strategist at her company, Jansen Communications.  She has more than 15 years of experience helping clients across a variety of industries create and amplify content so that they stand out and hit their overall business goals. Her specialties include developing content marketing strategies that integrate blogging, website content, social media, email marketing, and supporting marketing collateral. When she is not hunched over her Mac, she hangs out with her husband and kids, travels, and laughs as much as possible. Connect at @monikacjansen.