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Nearly a decade ago, mobile apps were primarily utilized by large businesses and corporations. However, over the last few years the scenario has completely changed, and today small businesses are able to better serve their clients cost-effectively through mobile apps.

By Megan Totka

We are inherently social, and want to be a part of everything that is happening around us. Mobile is the new way to socialize, and businesses can smartly boost sales and revenue through it. It’s great to create a robust Twitter or Facebook account, but that alone isn’t enough.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need a business app. It takes some deliberate planning and an idea of what you hope to accomplish with your app to get you started. Take a look at the seven reasons listed below to find out how an app can help your business drive more sales and profit.

Increases Visibility

In the United States, an average person spends more than two hours on his/her mobile phone every day. With mobile phones becoming a necessity, incorporating apps in your marketing strategy can help you get maximum exposure for your business and gain new customers. Moreover, with your products and services just one-touch away, customers can easily contact you and get instant solution for their queries.

If your business offers services or products online, an app is a great place to sell. Ensure that your customers can accomplish all that on your app that they can do while sitting in front of a PC. Offer your customers valuable solutions remotely, helping them overcome the hurdles without any hassle.

Direct Marketing

Mobile apps have the ability to provide information about your current and potential customers, based on the user’s geographical locations and demographics. With an app, you can also provide a wealth of information to your customers about the products and services, right at their fingertips.

Think about news feeds, new features, product specifications, promotions, prices and special discounts. Once you know your customer’s preferences, you can better meet their individual needs. So don’t miss the advantage of direct marketing via mobile apps.

Gives Customers More Value

Customers analyze everything, right from the products and services you offer to the content you share, before trusting any business.

There are so many businesses that offer identical products, so you must give people a unique reason to purchase from you. If you’re looking for ways to increase profits for your small business, an app can be just what it takes to usher customers to your online or brick and mortar store.

Consider using an area-sensitive push message on your mobile app. When customers are near your brick and mortar store’s location, they will receive a notification that invites them to the store. This approach is often effective for businesses. Make sure to send a push notification that thanks your customers after they stop and shop with you!

Boosts Brand Recognition

You can boost your recognition with an app whether your business is brand new or rebranding. Use a platform like Appy Pie to easily create a stunning mobile app with likeable features to attract and retain your audience. No need to advertise on an expensive billboard, instead, let an app do the work for you.

Come up with a way to ensure that your clients are involved on your app consistently. The more often they interact with the app, the more they will like the products and services you’re selling.

Social media or chat feature in your app can also prove to be great in creating brand awareness. With such options at their fingertips, customers can easily share your products and services with their contacts, and refer them to your business. Studies show that referrals are some of the best marketing strategies.

Increases Engagement

Every customer wants to find a business that offers cost-effective products or service as per their needs. Every business wants to increase engagement and conversion rates. If you’re unreachable, you can lose customers. A mobile app is helpful in increasing your reach.

Making a place for your business in the hearts and pockets of customers and providing them with exciting offers that are perfectly timed can also help you increase engagement effectively, while maintaining customer’s trust. To top it all, with an app, customers can also post comments, questions, complaints and offer feedback 24/7.

If you are available on the fly, reply to the customer’s inquiries individually. Make the ordering process as straightforward as possible and focus on the security aspect. People get frustrated by processes that take a long time.

Makes Your Business Stand Apart

Having a mobile app will set your business apart from the others – this cannot be reiterated enough. Make sure to take full advantage of this highly effective way to market your business. If you get on board soon, you’ll beat a lot of your competition and establish yourself as a leader. Think about it – with just the tap of one button, your customers can see the products and services you offer. Mobile apps are easy, fast and simple for customers to operate, so capitalize on that. The ease of using an app will drive both loyalty and engagement to greater heights.

Grows loyalty

Do you pay attention to the number of customers who make repeat purchases? This is a very important part for businesses to consider. Customer loyalty can be achieved by continually reminding your customers about your business and the type of products or services you offer.

There’s already an abundance of advertising media, such as billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, email, website banners and social media marketing. It’s hard to build loyalty in these overcrowded spaces. Your messages could easily get lost in all of the noise. This is why it’s good to reflect and rethink your marketing strategy and devise a new one. A solid mobile app builds a powerful connection between a business and its customers. You are literally available at their fingertips.

If you want to grow your business, make sure that you have a business app. It will help you build loyalty, brand recognition and increase your visibility. Mobile devices are in everyone’s pockets today, so take advantage of that fact and make sure that you use an app to stay afresh and establish a strong presence in your customer’s minds.

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