Being an evergreen e-commerce niche, beauty and fashion products offer high growth potential for both veteran sellers and those who just enter the market.

If you feel like your beauty business doesn’t scale as well as you expected it to, then it’s high time to turn your head to tried-and-tested strategies that are likely to boost your conversion rate. 

Without further ado:

Let’s explore seven key means that will help your beauty or fashion website generate more sales.

Most Effective Ways to Optimize Beauty Websites for More Sales

Know the pain points

Any business requires personalization and a customer-centric attitude when dealing with shoppers.

In the beauty industry, the research of your customer base should be brought to a whole new level to satisfy such users’ concerns and expectations.

How natural are the offered products? For what kind of skin is this? Does the color displayed on the image reflect a products’ color in full? Will that color match my skin type?

Knowing your customer will help you understand what data a shopper needs to proceed to checkout.

Offer extra

Beauty e-stores certainly have a design aesthetic. Elegant, sophisticated colors and thought-out UX help create a special atmosphere and trigger beauty store psychology similar to what makes things exciting in brick-and-mortar shops.

Equally, when shopping offline, customers get their items neatly packaged in tiny but gorgeous boxes or paper wrap. It makes the whole process even more elegant.

Online shopping should be no exception. Gift wrapping, personalized cards, ribbons, and stuffing paper should be available or at least offered to make a purchase feel more exquisite.

It’s good that multiple CMSs offer solutions to help merchants introduce such options on their product pages or at the checkout. For example, the Multi Fees extension by Mageworx can give a hand to beauty stores that run on Magento 2. They’ll be able to add extra fees and services following what you already know about the customer.

Create bundles

Bundling is a powerful part of promotional activities for many store owners. Bundles not only allow you to increase the average order value but help solve a problem for a customer.

There are numerous scenarios to prove the point:

  • Holiday-specific gift bundles
  • Discounted prices that help shoppers save up
  • Bundles with testers for promotion of new items
  • Bundles with free gifts to increase interest in unpopular products

Image credit: NYX

Highlight the outcome

Many feel happy when shopping, and beauty shopping is no exception.

Besides the psychology involved, any product must bring true value to a customer.

To achieve that, it’s essential to share the effect after applying beauty products that real-life customers have. For example, it can be:

  • Pictures of people before and after
  • Case studies
  • Video reviews
  • Social media posts with generic feedback

Such customer stories will make your offerings even more desirable. Besides extra attention to a customer, such stories trigger sharing and word-of-mouth marketing―one of the best means to spark the interest of new customers to your brand.

Share a mission

There must be a story behind what you do.

Are you selling natural products only? Do you donate a part of your profit to support a specific cause? Are you using sustainable packaging?

Many famous brands choose a cause that comes along with their brand’s mission. And often, such activities resonate well with the customer.

If you are just starting your business, consider providing specific services pro bono. Run an online beauty master class with an expert or offer to do makeup free of charge for a specific group of people using products you are selling.

Run activities that will get your brand noticed and lovable.

Integrate AI/AR technologies

Visualization is the king. In the beauty world, such technologies help bring your sales to a whole new level by letting your online shoppers try items before buying them online.

Before the COVID 19 pandemic spread through much of the world, a person would have visited an offline store for accurate skincare recommendations or to find an ideal match of foundation shades.

After going online, businesses need to address related complications and embrace new technologies to stay afloat.

Such a progressive stance helps shoppers make an accurate choice of a beauty product.

For example, L’Oréal was one of the first adopters of AI and launched their ‘Smart Mirror’. This product has such features as links to relevant YouTube tutorials that show how to apply skincare products, so they benefit a buyer’s skin.

Image credit: L’Oréal

Wrap Up

Compared to other industries, beauty and fashion companies are lucky to have a wide selection of creative ways to choose from. And these strategies are likely to skyrocket your sales.

Our seven marketing shticks are very easy to grab, but an effect from their implementation won’t be long in coming.

Now it’s your turn. What strategy are you planning to use first?

Beauty stock photo by Savanevich Viktar/Shutterstock