By Rieva Lesonsky

Have you missed any of my posts from around the Web this past week? Keep reading to see what’s on my mind.

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One group that’s taking to mobile shopping in a big way is moms. Discover why tablet computing is making marketing to moms easier than ever in my post on American Express OPEN Forum.

Moms aren’t the only ones going mobile; mobile marketing is a key way to target minority consumers. Learn why–and how–in my post on AT&T‘s SmallBusinessInSite.

One way our government could help create jobs is by helping more young people start businesses. But you can help them, too. Find out what you can do in my post on American Express OPEN Forum.

I had the chance to meet lots of young entrepreneurs at the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit recently. I share what I learned from them in my column on

And if you’ve got young people on staff, you might be right to worry that they’re ready to jump ship. Get the scoop on what makes young employees stay–or go–in my Huffington Post Small Business post. Also over at Huffington Post Small Business, find out the truth about just how much time your employees are spending shopping on the job.