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Does your website have a high bounce rate? You should work to lower it down at the earliest since a high bounce rate is one of the most common conversion killers. If you notice that most of your visitors are abandoning your website only after landing on a single page, you don’t get a chance to convert them into leads.

If you are looking forward to fixing the bounce rate of your website, you should first identify the problems that your landing pages have. Fixing such issues has proven to easily fix the problem of high bounce rates. Let us go through a few most common pitfalls of a high bounce rate and how you can get them fixed.

“When you see a high bounce rate on your landing pages, it is a signal that your content marketing strategy and website needs a redesign.”

Before getting started to work on the pages, you should identify the top web pages of your website that have high bounce rates. You get all the required information through Google Analytics.


When you know the top pages with the highest bounce rate, it will become easier for you to identify the problematic areas.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

  • Optimize The Placement of Call to Action:

Users with a simple glance may decide whether or not they will take the required action on a particular website. Hence, you should optimize the area where you have call-to-action on your page. Make it prominently visible, and you should describe your product or service properly. Ensure that the webpage doesn’t create a bad user experience since it is the top reason for increased bounce rate.

  • A/B Testing:

It may happen that either the call-to-action or headline of your landing page is not working. Hence, to find out the reason, you can try different versions of the same page. Employ different content strategies to develop different versions and run split tests to see which one works fine. You can also try building different landing pages to target different locations, audience, keywords, etc.



  • High-Quality Images:

Images are efficient in helping a business reduce its bounce rate. It is one of the major reasons why numerous websites use high-quality photographs as full-screen backgrounds. We recommend using royalty-free, high-quality images from several stock photography websites to entice visitors. Even Google is using high-quality layouts on their landing page nowadays.


  • Enhanced User-Experience:

Nielsen Norman Group defines user experience as: “User Experience encompasses all aspects of end-user interactions with the company, its services and its products.”

Good user experience is when your website users find it easy to navigate your website, and attractive at the same time. Your first step should be to develop a website that looks great on all devices. You should also pay attention to the behavior of your visitors, and which portion influences their decision.

  • Enhance Page Speed:

As mentioned above, users decide what they want to do, within just a few seconds of landing on a webpage. You don’t want to ruin their experience by showing them a blank page, or a message which says, “Loading Content”.

Tools like Google Page Speed and Pingdom will help you optimize every landing page on your website. A few tips to increase the page speed include, optimizing images, better caching, employing a Content Delivery Network, and consider switching to a rapid hosting service provider.

  • Consistent Content Strategy:

Although many advise following a different content strategy, a consistent content plan works great as well. Let’s think –  how you can achieve both. Several successful websites have a great content plan in place. You should set up a consistent content plan, which allows you to employ different content strategies at the same time. Find anything that you think your users will find engaging, and you can use it.

  • Let Your Consumers Speak:

Several websites have testimonial sliders that contain a quote from the consumers of that particular business. You can make this testimonial portion on your website more effective. Convert the testimonial into success stories with the help of several elements, which include, video, audio, and illustrations to showcase how you helped your clients.

  • Showcase your Credibility:

Consumers are getting smarter with each passing day. They examine everything about a brand before making up their mind. After assessing your product, they will move towards your website to see how reliable your website is. It is very hard to make a person believe in your business.


There are several ways of reducing the bounce rate of your website and enhancing conversion rate. But, with a temporary fix, the bounce rate may cut into half, but the risk of rising again remains high.  So always choose professional to this job for you.

Kristen Reed Edens is a successful digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization, creative writing and content marketing. She has helped a lot of small and medium-sized businesses craft digital marketing strategies that are cost-effective and deliver outstanding results. Currently she is doing freelance writing for SEO Experts India, a leading SEO Services Company India.

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