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Most U.S. states and countries around the world require organizations to provide workplace sexual harassment training. But even if it’s not a requirement for your business, it’s one of the best steps you can take to create a safe and respectful work environment.

A practical sexual harassment course will educate your employees on ethical workplace behaviors and encourage them to intervene in case of an incident.

It will help them recognize unwelcome or abusive behaviors, prevent or stop sexual harassment, report it without the fear of discrimination or retaliation, and promote a healthy work environment.

It can also reduce your company’s liability for potential harassment claims if an incident does occur.

Continuing with the discussion, let’s now see eight of the best sexual harassment training programs for building a respectful, inclusive, and safe workplace.

1. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training

The ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training course meets all the U.S. federal and state requirements. Designed for both supervisors and employees, it can help you establish a proper code of conduct through real-life case studies and examples.

This online sexual harassment course is self-paced and features interactive quizzes, surveys, and one final exam, which users can retake anytime. You can use the course as is or customize it to your liking.

But ProProfs doesn’t only give you this course. It also gives you access to its training-making tool, Training Maker. The software provides you with a virtual classroom and lets you build courses from scratch or by using 30+ templates. You can add your company’s policies and other documents, track compliance and completion, and much more.

You also get auto-generated reports and stats, so you can monitor your employees’ learning progress seamlessly.

Besides the sexual harassment course, ProProfs offers courses on a range of other in-demad workplace training topics. That’s not all, course creators can sell their courses online at ProProfs Store, engage in course marketing efforts, generate advanced sales reports, and reach out to millions of potential customers.

2. Clear Law Institute

Clear Law Institute provides a comprehensive online sexual harassment training program that’s compliant with all the federal and state laws in the U.S. It covers all forms of harassment, bystander intervention, bullying, and civility training.

The program features interactive learning games to boost engagement and knowledge retention. It offers story-based learning and includes real-life scenarios and the nuances of “gray areas”.

You have access to advanced customizations and periodic reports on completion. All quiz assessments are based on a no-fail approach.

The best part about Clear Law Institute is that it provides a new course every year so that employees don’t need to go over the same program twice.

3. Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group provides online and on-site sexual harassment prevention training courses and webinars for supervisors and employees. It also offers an instructor-led “Train-the-Trainer” program.

If you want to train employees online using another LMS, you can get SCORM files for seamless integration. You can train as many employees as you want, track their progress in real-time, tailor the content to your branding, add your company’s policies, and more.

Compliance Training Group offers nationwide sexual harassment training programs and separate courses intended for employees in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, and New York.

4. Inspired eLearning

Inspired eLearning provides sexual harassment training courses that meet all the U.S. federal and state regulations. They also cover global standards, which makes them great for multinational organizations.

They provide high-quality content that promotes maximum engagement and high knowledge retention rates. They are instrumental in effecting a positive culture change.

There are courses for preventing workplace harassment, combatting sexual harassment, and maintaining a respectful workplace. Each course features engaging simulations, quizzes, and final exams, and they support 14 languages.

Inspired eLearning offers many HR & compliance resources on the website, such as eBooks, guides, infographics, whitepapers, and videos, so make sure you check them out.

5. NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global offers many training solutions that address workplace harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment.

Their sexual harassment course is rich with useful resources that help employees and managers understand how to spot any potential misconduct, report it, and build a safe work environment.

It supports microlearning, features interactive content, and deals with engaging topics for driving retention and building a culture of ethics and respect.

It also enables global users to optimize the content to stay compliant with their local laws.

NAVEX Global has an excellent resource center packed with whitepapers, eBooks, guides, reports, use cases, case studies, sample policies, brochures, webinars, and more.


At, you can find sexual harassment training courses for individuals and organizations.

Each is a self-paced online sexual harassment course available 24/7. They’re user-friendly, available in English and Spanish languages, provide a two-year nationally-recognized certificate, and allow free retakes.

The platform creates training logs in MS Excel automatically to help you monitor progress in real-time. It also sends automatic emails with scores and completion certificates to account administrators.’s programs are compliant with all federal and state laws, including the specific regulations in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York.

7. is a platform where you can find and compare thousands of professional training courses on various topics and issues, including workplace sexual harassment.

You can filter them by category, topic, location, length, start date, course level, certificate, price, and course delivery methods, including online, on-site, classroom, and webinars.

Once you find a sexual harassment course that fits your company’s needs, you can book it directly on the site by contacting the provider via an online contact form. They’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your needs and help you fill in all the course details to help you make an informed decision.

8. Traliant

Traliant’s sexual harassment training program is marked by interactive content that engages employees and increases knowledge retention.

Its bite-sized lessons in a news-style format are video-based and provide real-life situations for fast and effective learning. They focus on storytelling and feature illustrations that show different types of sexual harassment to help employees and managers cultivate positive behavior.

This course is available for the U.S. and Canadian employees and managers and meets the federal and state requirements of all 50 states.

Bring About Positive Change in the Workplace!

Providing engaging and interactive workplace sexual harassment training is vital for making your employees feel respected, safe, and happy at work.

So, choose any of the training programs or platforms above and drive positive change in your company culture.

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