By Robert Jordan

There are higher chances that the strategy which works for B2C will not work for B2B as both of them have a different set of customers. 70% of B2B businesses say that improving the quality of the lead is one of the critical goals in their lead generation strategy.

B2B marketing requires a proper marketing strategy for connecting with high profile lead. As these leads are from different tech, retail, manufacturing giants across the world, the decision maker in these organizations has to consult their team before making the final decision. This elongates the sales cycle process compared to B2C.

Marketing strategies to crack the code of generating high-quality leads are:

  • LinkedIn marketing: LinkedIn marketing works exceptionally well in the B2B market. 80% of the B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn than other social media channels. This is the main reason that 96% of sales executives in B2B favor using LinkedIn and make a point to check it at least once a week.
  • Implementing emotional marketing: Although B2B marketing relies mainly on logical decisions, quantified numbers; it has been found that even B2B purchasers have 50% higher chances of buying a product when they visualize a personal value from it. So, B2B businesses should motivate the purchaser with the emotion led marketing.
  • Cold email campaigns: Cold emails reach the untapped and unexplored markets across different industries. Prospecting which includes mining data from various sources, scraping it, etc. are some of the main contributors for developing cold email template. It can be further enhanced by preparing enchanting subject line, giving a personalized touch, providing with exciting offers, and including social proof in it to pull quality leads from different sources.

Cold email campaigns build up a perfect approach to generate quality leads by venturing into the unknown but convertible lead base.

  • Event marketing: Event marketing has become important in B2B marketing, as more of the high-value leads are generated from interaction with customers in the real world. 75% of the B2B businesses have agreed that they produce more leads by hosting events. Before hosting an event, one should consider some basic tactics such as to define the event type, promote the event, and effectively capture the leads.
  • High-value content: Creating high-value content aligned with the business needs of the targeted organization pulls the right B2B customer. The high profile B2B customers value checking the statistical, and real-time information of an organization before purchasing their service. Develop content which presents the USP of the specific service with the statistical data. By offering a value proposition, one can provide a good reason for the potential customer to purchase their service.
  • B2B Influencer Marketing: B2B Influencer Marketing has become a crucial strategy. Most of the influencers are the bloggers who have established their credibility in the specific industry. They have the power to influence the purchase decision of the decision maker with their calculated opinions and views.

The business decision maker of any organization, plan their purchase decision only after taking inputs from the industry experts and their peers. Influencers have a following of small business owner in the specific sector which makes their opinions more impactful and trustworthy. In the future, there will be a massive increase in businesses taking assistance from influencer marketers to promote their services.

  • Optimizing the website for mobile: Majority of the B2B customers have shifted from desktops to smartphones. As per Google, almost 50% of the B2B queries are made on mobile phones. This calls for action to optimize the website content for mobile phone at the earliest. A responsive website helps in better customer engagement and the generation of leads.
  • Retargeting the prospect: Most of the prospects browse websites before making any purchase decision. 2% of the buyers decide on the first visit, retargeting pulls the rest 98% to come back to the site. Creating video content, high value write up, can differentiate a specific brand from other brands thus helping in retargeting your prospect.

Wrap up:

The marketing strategies to be implemented for lead generation in B2B companies have to be carefully planned; they can prove as the turning point to success. As every industry works with a different approach, a different strategy should be planned for each of the industries. Old ones might work with a little twist, and if it does not work, then it has to be immediately replaced with the new strategy.

Most of the B2B Companies value high-quality leads than a higher number of leads. These leads can be a good revenue generator for businesses, so companies should implement the right strategy to increase the number of high-quality leads.

Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to next level. Have a deep interest in SEO, SEM & Social Media related discussions.

B2B stock photo by nexusby/Shutterstock