By Megan Totka

A new subscription to your blog presents the perfect opportunity to start the relationship in the right direction or even turn leads into customers. However, there are many options for going about the engagement. If you’re wondering what exactly to send a new subscriber, here are seven different ideas to consider.

1. Welcome Email

The simplest thing you can do with your new blog subscriber is to welcome them to your blog and newsletter. Remind them that they’ve signed up to your newsletter and give them an idea of what to expect. Campaign monitor has a good list of best practices for welcome emails that is incredibly helpful.

2. Free Report

One of the common ways to follow up with a new signup is to offer a free report. Be sure to send them to your website for the download as direct downloads may trigger the spam filters. It’s also a smart idea to center your subscription offer around the free report. Finding what your target audience is looking for and being very specific about your report works better than generic guides.

3. Collection of Your Best Posts

A great way to give your new blog subscriber an idea of what to expect is to link them to your best blog posts. These posts do not necessarily have to be your newest content. It should be focused on providing value with the content that has resonated the most with your existing readers. This gives the impression that your emails are valuable and builds anticipation for your future emails.

4. Targeted Follow Up Series

If you’re looking to sell a product or service to a new prospect or move them down the marketing funnel, a follow up series will work brilliantly. The idea here is to build the series around a topic that is relevant and valuable to the reader. You want to start building value through content and eventually move them forward in the customer cycle. If you don’t understand the different customer cycles, here’s a helpful guide.

5. Helpful Short Video

Videos are personal and engaging than regular text. That’s why sending a new blog subscriber a video can start the lead nurturing process off in the right way. Think about what kind of topic that would be most helpful. It can even be a simple greeting and an introduction for how to use your site. Whatever you decide to do, keep the video short and to the point.

6. A Self Qualification Process

A new subscription is the perfect opportunity to get subscribers to self qualify themselves. If you are looking for strong subscribers, try to get them to pull the trigger on the double opt-in link. There are many blogs and newsletters that also provide instructions for email or blog whitelisting.

7. Frequently Asked Question Compilation

If you’re in a technical business or targeting a prospect that is very new to a certain topic, it might be helpful to provide a general FAQ. Find out the most pressing questions that somebody new would have. Then compile and present a helpful FAQ article that can help them move forward in the right direction.

8. A Quick Survey

Want to know how to better server your audience? Why not simply ask them to complete a short survey. Of course, how you frame the survey is important. You want to remind them that the survey is to help you better address their needs and wants. It may also help to offer a bonus for completing survey if you’re looking to collect information quickly.

This list should help you get some ideas for your blog and/or newsletter. There is no right or wrong thing to send to your new subscribers. What you end up sending them should ultimately be based on your business goals.

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