Losing subscribers is not the right signal for your business. But, on the other hand, if you are losing out on your subscribers constantly, it means the email marketing strategies being used by you has flaws.

To fix the increasing unsubscriber rate, we have listed some effective strategies in this guide.

Best ways to reduce email unsubscribe rate

Try double and single opt-ins

If you are losing out more subscribers, then try testing single opt-in and double opt-in on your website. But what exactly is the difference between single opt-in and double opt-in?

Single opt-in means the subscriber needs to provide their email address but no need to confirm the subscription. Double opt-in means the user has to submit their email and confirm it.

Since the number of actions to acquire an email address is less in a single opt-in, your email list grows faster. However, the chances of receiving fake emails in a single opt-in are high, as there is no user privacy.

If you are looking for a genuine email address in your email list, you can try using the double-opt-in. However, the downside of double opt-in is your list grows slow.

So, how to decide which works best for you? For that, you need to test both the techniques and see which one is providing better results and unsubscriber rate. Because both opt-ins have their own set of pros and cons, and they vary for different businesses.

Create valuable content

If your email unsubscribe rate is very high, users’ chances of not liking your content are very high.

Try to provide unique and high-quality information to your users in the form of how-to articles, infographics, and helpful advice. In short, try to craft content that resonates with your subscribers.

If you are promoting your brand, try to create a feeling of exclusivity with scarcity. You may also offer them some discounts and coupons. 

Reduce email frequency

Sending too few emails can make you get forgotten, and sending too many emails throws you on the spam list. So, it is wise to ask your subscribers how frequently they would love to read your emails and then shoot the emails at the same frequency. 

Once you produce unique email marketing content, send a survey to your subscribers and see if they like to receive increased emails from you. Once you have the survey results, reach the subscribers’ expectations regarding email frequency and content delivery.

Optimize for mobile users

With the increase in the use of mobile phones, most readers check their emails on smartphones. So, you should design your email in an easy-to-read manner for smartphone users.

 Keep a short headline and compelling pre-header text that will make users open your email and go through the content. 

Make sure that the content in the email is short and to the point. Else, the subscribers will not read your email and eventually unsubscribe from your list.

Try different content formats.

As one size doesn’t fit all, the same applies to your content as well. Try testing different content formats like GIF, Infographics, video, quiz, etc., that keep your audience engaged with your email.

Always add a surprise element to your emails and make it difficult for your audience to guess what is in your store for them in the next email? Again, this helps to retain your subscribers.

Get feedback and suggestions.

Email marketing is not one-way marketing. Instead, it is a communication channel where you send emails and receive responses and suggestions from your readers. 

The feedback need not always be related to your business. Instead, it can be off-topic wherein you can seek your readers’ advice and then develop an entirely new product out of their suggestions.

You can also seek the advice of your readers related to your business and then develop your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Reward subscribers using discounts

Make your subscribers feel special by providing them with exciting offers and discounts. For example, if you provide a 15% discount on your website, send your subscribers an email with a 25% discount code. It makes your subscribers feel more valued.

You can also design a contest for your subscribers that helps them redeem your discount code and purchase the product immediately.

Don’t ask for sales every time.

It is not a good practice to ask your subscribers for sale often. If you start sending too many sales emails, the algorithms of popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., will push your email to the spam folder. 

Instead of sending sales emails too often, try to educate the subscribers about your product and engage them with your content. It will eventually bring them down to your sales funnel.

Stick with your brand initials 

Research shows that the more times you repeat your brand name, the more likely people will remember your brand. So make sure to use your brand name in the email, subject line, and body of the email as it increases the trust in your content.


These are some of the powerful strategies to reduce unsubscriber rates. Implement these simple hacks and save them from unsubscribing today. Provide your users with valuable information and keep them engaged with various content formats.

Ranjit Singh is a ppc advertising expert and blogger at AppsTale who loves to share his experiences on various marketing strategies for small businesses.

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