In the past several years, the landscape of marketing on the Internet has transformed drastically. Where once informative content reigned king, now problem solving content that answers questions quickly and efficiently reigns supreme.

By Manvi Agarwal

Where written content used to be the gold standard, but video based multimedia is rapidly overtaking the social media. And where professional writing was once the go-to style to gain traffic, conversions, and an intrigued and converting audience, there has been a strong phase shift towards personalized writing.

These days…

Content marketing is an ever-changing market. 91% of B2B respondents use content marketing for their brand. As of now, it can be argued that content marketing is the main ingredient for success in any Internet marketing or advertising strategic initiative.

But now, as we foray through the year 2018, what are the strongest trends in content marketing? How can your brand leverage social media to harvest both promotional and content ideas? And how can these brands stay ahead of the competition when pushing out content on trending topics?

Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, here are nine must-know content marketing trends that we have hand-picked to get the edge up on your competition through the remainder of 2018.

1.  The Power of Remarketing

Display advertising is growing at a faster rate than search over the past several years. This is driven mainly by remarketing and retargeting, or showing site visitors ads as they continue their adventure across the Internet. Repetition is key, and those who click on your advertisement after seeing it more than twice have double the likelihood of converting.

2.  Content Made Personal

Personalized content is one of the best kept secrets in content marketing. 94% of marketing creative says that personalized content is the key to more engagements.


This can best be explained as visiting a site, entering some short personal details to join a mailing list or download a file, and then when visiting the site again being referred to by name. The drawback to this is that it is heavily data collection driven.

3.  Laser Targeting and Drilling Down

Niche content is one of the keys to success in 2018. There has been a strong shift from writing, selecting broad range topics to write, to enlighten on niche subtopics. At this point, the focus should be to either to create in-depth content, or to drill down into a smaller niche. This is where content curation tools are a huge help for both.

4.  Embrace Scheduling and Analytics

Many tools allow for scheduling of social media posts across multiple platforms, letting everyone from social media management professionals to independent brand owners cross-market updates from place to place.

In fact,

Some tools, like the well-reviewed tool SocialPilot, provide analytics as well, enhancing the amount of content marketing analysis that can be performed. Remember, social media is perfect to harvest ideas and test campaigns.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s grab the opportunity to win over social media!

5.  Focus on Spoken Searches, The New Frontier

Searches performed by virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and more are rising exponentially as these devices push into more and more homes. Future customers, so younger audiences, are more likely to use voice search than older audiences. Clarify answers to questions in your content to market accordingly.

6.  Weigh Your Content Length Wisely

Content marketing is more about reaching the consumer than rising search rankings. It is true that average article length across the board has increased, driven mostly by favorability in search engines.


However, ROI is typically higher in most verticals catering to millennials with short, easy to read articles with rich multimedia. 67% of readers would stop engaging if the content takes too much of their time. This is another opportunity where content curation tools will excel.

7.  Influencers as Spelunkers

2018 has been brought about continued use of influencers as marketing mediums. There are 24.2 million numbers of brands who sponsored Influencers posts for marketing.

However, advertisers utilizing these influencers as a marketing tactic will be using them less for the broad range roundup-style articles and media, and more for in-depth deep dive analyses into products and services. This pushes towards readers’ searching for authenticity and knowledge.

8.  Expectations of Transparency

Consumers are no longer fooled by brand advertisements. Transparency has always been preferred, and this preference is growing exceptionally.


Advertising based on “causes” market far too heavily, which is ineffective, as only a few of the brands who claim causes truly embrace the cause in its entirety. So, it is always best to ensure the content is concretely transparent, and up to date with regulations

9.  Video Killed the Article Star

Video views account for almost 70 percent of all internet traffic. A 2012 survey from Outbrain noted that 86 percent of marketers prefer video to get their points across.

Direct more of an annual content marketing budget towards video creation and production to get an edge on your text-based competition. Options such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope and more allow users to take things to the next level in interactions with target markets.

The Final Call!

Content marketing matters more now than ever in the changing landscape of the Internet. The days of lengthy articles optimized for keywords driving new traffic are dying out. The days of multimedia, short-form articles, and utilization of social media for content curation and distribution are spiking rapidly.

These days,

People want content that solves their everyday problems, not just content in place to inform. Consumers are looking for videos, social media, and deeper dives into trending topics. When a user is on the hunt for a well-written article, they want personalization, not cookie cutter regurgitated and spun drivel.

We are in a content marketing landscape with very low barriers to entry, where everyone has the capability to cultivate, curate and create at their fingertips. The difficulties come in standing out from the crowd, while still blending in with the trends of the current time!

This blog is written by my colleague who is an amazing Marketing Strategist and has worked with many blogs in the recent times.

Manvi Agarwal is a Marketing & Communication Strategist at SocialPilot. Social Media is Manvi’s niche area in which she employs an interactive user-oriented strategy, and she loves exploring this industry’s tips & tricks. Besides social media, Manvi loves traveling the world, experiencing new things and trying new food! @ManviAgarwal28

​​​Content marketing stock photo by weedezign/Shutterstock