It’s hard to ignore the benefits of automated content creation. The automation of marketing is a response to the need to reduce work time.

By Joey Feldman

It is also allowed to focus the resources on those customers who are closest to buying. You can increase the profit per customer thanks to an increase in sales or crossales.

In this article, we’ll dig into content marketing. We’ll learn about its basics and structure, and tell you how and why it is possible to benefit from automated content creation. Also, we’ll take a look at the most useful tools and software that was explicitly or partly designed for automated content marketing purposes.

It may be useful to get the idea of what we are talking about and highlight three key aspects of the topiс:

Content marketing

It is a marketing segment responsible for the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to acquire and attract the attention of a well-defined target audience. The goal is to encourage users to become clients. It is an approach that is aimed at the creation of thematically relevant and essential content. The eventual goal is to increase total conversion and retention rates. It’s not about instant sales, it’s about the long term benefits for your online store. By choosing the right strategy, it is possible to attract the most beneficial target audience.


Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines. The most important reason why SEO is necessary is that it makes the owner’s site more accessible for both users and search engines. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful for users.

Semantic analysis

It is a form of analysis that derives from linguistics and plays a significant role in SEO. This type of analysis of websites determines the actual topic of a given webpage and refers to meaning. Thus, it is possible to obtain other relevant terms assigned to the given webpage.

Each of these aspects is connected and, more importantly, it can be automated. Let’s proceed, and focus on automated content marketing.

What is automated content marketing?

Automated Marketing is the use of software that is responsible for automatic performance and handling of particular actions. This software follows a specific schedule. The goal is the actual communication with the customers by sending emails or promoting products or services. A good digital strategy in eCommerce must always incorporate tasks aimed at improving the position of products and services on the market, and for that, nothing can deal with this better than well-established automated processes.

The reasons to choose the Automatic Content Marketing approach

  1. By using tools that perform tasks automatically, you’ll save valuable time that you can devote to other non-automatable tasks.
  2. You can improve your marketing tasks as you can take more steps out. You invest an initial time in designing them, and then the content creation software does them for you.
  3. Through automatic emails, you can maintain direct contact with the client to get a sale or conversion.
  4. You can also maintain contact with the customer, hence improving the loyalty to your brand.
  5. You can offer valuable content to our customers according to their preferences. Let’s take a simple Amazon example. If the customer is interested in photo cameras, the automated software will only send him email campaigns with information on this category of products and not others.
  6. Improve the support to the users. You can ask them how they are doing with the use of your product/service and offer them help in case they need it.
  7. It helps to manage the relationship with customers since depending on the stage of the purchase process in which it is. You can offer the products or services that best suit your needs.
  8. In online stores, there are automated mechanisms that help recover the abandoned shopping cart.
  9. In short, it allows us to be more productive and improve the results of our business, simplifying the execution of specific tasks, and keeping straightforward contact with our customers.

Automated content marketing concepts

Essential concepts about the automation of our digital strategy:

  • Content creation: Creation of personalized content for each buyer.
  • Landing pages: Landing pages of the products.
  • Email Marketing: Massive and personalized emails.
  • Lead development: Interaction with potential customers to make a purchase.
  • Marketing in social networks: Planning, programming, and publication of content in social networks.
  • Marketing Analytics: Analysis of the ROI and of our objective.
  • Automation: Automation of the mail sequence.

How to gain traffic on the website with automated processes

  • Social networks: You can automate the tasks to attract traffic to our website as published on social networks every time there is a new post on our blog.
  • PPC campaigns: Payment campaigns like ads or facebook ads.
  • Retargeting: Your visitors see the publicity once they leave the website.
  • Email automated response: Your customers receive an automated email when they subscribe or have requested information about a particular product.

Leads collection process

● Pop-ups

Pop-ups appear on the web-based on the behavior of visitors to capture Leads.

● Chatbot

An automated chat that guides customers in their shopping experience.

● Sending of Manuals, exclusive content

Get the email of the clients through the download of a unique material to get more information about them.

● Landing page

Modify the landing page according to the client or the source from where it is taken.

● Nourishing

The information about the visitors to know at what stage they are in the purchase decision process and also know that there is a probability that the conversion or the following information will take place.

● Delivery and purchase experience

Automate product shipments and contacts with the carrier once the purchase is made. Sending satisfaction survey by email within 2 days of receiving the product.

● Upselling and Cross-selling

Until sale: Try to sell products of superior range to the chosen one. Like when they ask you at McDonald’s if you want the drink and large french fries when you order your medium menu. Cross-selling: Inform about complementary products that you have already purchased.

● Get Customers by reference

Make referral campaigns to customers who buy more, such as offering discounts. This can be automated in the form of pop-ups or include the advantages at the end of the payment gateway.

Automate marketing tools

There are several software applications that we can use to apply.

  • CRM Applications (Customer Relationship Management). As its own name indicates, it allows us to manage the relationship with our customers. For this, they offer different functionalities that allow us to automate communication actions with them.
  • Email Marketing tools. There are web apps like MailChimp that incorporate a whole range of free automation. This may improve communication with the customer. Eventually, you may encourage the conversion or an increase of sales.
  • Applications of Inbound Marketing. Also known as attraction marketing, is another significant area to attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers through the generation of valuable content. For this, it relies on software applications that have automation utilities that allow them to reach them in a more optimized way.

There are many tools that allow you to automate each of the processes that were discussed, the idea is to complement everything with a CRM that allows you to obtain more accurate information.

The following tools offer a complete experience to automate your digital marketing fully:

  • Hubspot

Possibly the best-known content marketing platform that allows the user a higher degree of automation and knowledge of the clients through its excellent CRM. The problem is that it is quite expensive, but it has a suite of tools that can automate the tasks of all phases of the purchase process.

  • Marketo

It is an integrated management and marketing organization solution that allows controlling the tasks of automation, entry marketing, email, social networks, events, sales, and financial management. However, the problem of this content creation software is its high price.

  • Eloqua

A comprehensive modern inbound marketing tool that follows the mechanics of Hubspot and Marketo. As part of Oracle, you can expect great data retrieval, security and effectiveness of this resource.

  • Keap

More convenient than other comprehensive tools, it has a CRM for small businesses and a platform to launch automated tasks along with a robust set of tools for e-Commerce.

  • Active Campaign

A powerful tool for automating sales processes through email campaigns and landing pages. It permits you to create nuanced sequences of emails, which correspond to a professional communicators level of adaptability and conversation.

  • Sendinblue

A tool similar to Active Campaign and allows you to start with a relatively complete free plan. Although it is a holistic online marketing tool it is most respected for communication automation. It allows you to create custom letters and evaluate their reach with ease.

  • Intercom

This automation tool allows you to mature your records to generate new customers and also allows you to retain your users. It has different packs depending on the objective of the department that will use it and has a free version to analyze the behavior of the users of your website. Using automated marketing can bring us multiple benefits when it comes to improving the business results of our company.

Wrapping Up

Automated content creation may be one of the most effective solutions for your marketing goals. By following this approach, your store may gain its niche most efficiently. Mentioned content creation services will save you a lot of time and money, and will only improve your strategy, handle routine processes, and gain the data about your customers conveniently and straightforwardly.

Joey Feldman works at EssayPro – He is a young technologist with experience in marketing and SEO and a master’s degree in computer science. This guy is always looking for new ways technologies can be used to improve something. Being a passionate writer, Joey wants to share his experience and make new connections.

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