The ongoing pandemic has put a hold on most business operations. It has affected cash flow and production systems. The health protocols and guidelines have people forced into their homes. Some workers have adapted to ways through which they can work from home. Employees have learned new ways to maintain their productivity while at home.

With cash flow problems, businesses may look for other ways to reward hard-working employees. Apart from cash incentives as bonuses, employers might opt for other rewarding options. Time off is compromised already due to the ongoing situation.

Rewarding and recognizing workers provides essential advantages to both the staff and the business.

Benefits of reward and recognition systems include:

  • Building morale and acts as a motivation factor for employees.
  • Enhancing teamwork spirit.
  • Creating a strong employer brand.
  • Bringing a sense of satisfaction among the employees and the business owner.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Stimulating career development and progression.

Thus, every company must set up employee recognition and reward systems. The rewards show that the business appreciates the employees’ efforts.

Here are some cashless ways that companies can use to show employee appreciation.

Written Notes

A simple thank you note, or card may not seem like much, but it means a lot. Written appreciation is a flexible way of praising the employees for their efforts. It may be in the form of a card, note or electronically sent.

A note is proof of employee appreciation and will motivate the workers to work better.

Verbal Praise

The old fashioned way of appreciating the employees by word of mouth goes a long way too. Pure verbal praise to your workers might look formal, but it counts.

During these times, a video call or conference video call might work and shows concern. Employees will appreciate employers that deliver their gratitude message from the heart.

Using Social Media Platforms

With almost everything done online, you can recognize your employees on their social media pages. For example, you may consider posts with a message remembering either the employees’ birthdays or service anniversaries.

A fun and unique fact can work for a post. Fun social media posts show concern for the employees and appreciation for their efforts and services.

Company Reward System

The gamification system may work to allocate employees with different tasks that earn them points after completion. Employees can then redeem these points for sure treats provided by the company.

An employee may redeem the points to further their education funded by the company, get a family holiday or more leave days. Using a corporate reward system allows workers to get rewards tailored to each individual.

Feeding Them

Treating your employees with delicacies and meals not only shows appreciation but also a concern for their well-being. During these trying times, it would mean a lot if, for example, a company made pizza deliveries to its employees.

The workers will appreciate a surprise doorstep delivery of pizza, donuts or a full packaged meal.

Encouraging Employee Feedback

A right way of showing appreciation for employee services is through providing a feedback platform. A company may give a survey for workers to fill out their answers about the company and their level of morale.

Involving your employees and allowing their critic or feedback shows that they are remembered and have a say. Employee feedback enables the company to build on employee relations and create a professional bond with the staff.

Encouraging employee feedback improves communication, shows gratitude and implicates employee involvement in decision-making.

Employee Features on Company Blog Sites or Newsletters

Featuring workers on the company website or newsletter shows what the company values in workers. It also gives employees the recognition they deserve for their effort.

A blog on the company website may include employee recognition for completion of a particular task or accomplishment. A blog feature also works as a motivation factor for other employees.

Company Events

Corporate events show appreciation for every department involved in the company’s success. Companies may hold the end of year dinners or parties for their employees. A company treat with a trip may also work to appreciate employees.

The company may also organize happy hours for their workers or a barbecue party with outdoor games. Hopefully, events may be possible to hold after the situation goes back to normal. Company events also help to improve employee relationships.

Company Awards

A simple company award will show appreciation and motivate the employees to improve. The company may nominate and reward employees that have been exceptional with their delivery.

Company awards help to recognize and reward workers in various departments and based on different capabilities. The special award and home may include a happy package or redeemable tokens.

The award and appreciation message may be delivered to the specific employees at their home.

Employees play a significant role in the success of any enterprise. Employee recognition and rewards keep the workers focused on achieving personal goals and business objectives.

Dominic LoBianco is a guest author on behalf of Challenge Coins. Dominic covers a wide array of topics ranging from employee benefits to eCommerce trends for small businesses.

Thank you note stock photo by Lisa-S/Shutterstock