By Usman Raza

As a customer, you would want to buy the best deal possible, but at the cheapest price. If possible, you would also look for incentives like free shipping, discounts and slashed prices. Naturally, businesses are always looking for more customers and are willing to sweeten the deal. Hence, seeing deals with discounts, buy one get one, cash back and clearance sale are increasingly becoming a norm for shoppers. It is a situation that no seller would want to be in, but to attract more customers, they have no choice but to be a part of this mad race. On the other hand, offering discounts, coupons, deals and other incentives also ensure customer loyalty. Research has it that around 64% customers were willing to extend their loyalty membership with the brand till next year. Customers love deals, and would go to any stretch to get it. But for companies, there are certain ways to drive their sales upwards. Here is more on how you can use discounts, offers and deals to enhance your sales:

1.   Offers During Holiday Season

There can be no better way to accelerate your sales than to use coupons, offers and discounts during holiday season. Launch your coupons and promo codes on major events like Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, and Halloween among others. On these occasions, shoppers have ample time to buy the best merchandise deals. Sites like CouponBend provide promo codes and coupons for more than 5000 online stores. Buyers can use these coupons to buy their favorite clothing items and accessories at discounted prices.

2.   Play Clever With Carts

It’s true that most buyers leave their shopping carts as is after filling them with items. With close to 70% shoppers abandoning their carts, it is high time to capitalize on this opportunity and make them come back and buy from you. You can add schemes like cart recovery function to attract membership owners. For others, check analytics and optimize the cart accordingly should do the trick.

3.   Launching Offers Beforehand

Call it pre-launch offer if you like, but most businesses make special arrangements to capitalize such events. For instance, Harry’s, a shaving equipment maker makes great use of this method. The offer their customers to get a free product in exchange of sharing their site to a peer, family member or anyone. Through this method, Harry’s managed more than 100,000 subscribers much before they launched the online store.

4.   Emails And Newsletters

Creating an email list before launching a particular scheme is a popular way to inform customers about your upcoming products and incentives. Essentially, your email comprises of an offer to visitor in exchange of getting your email address. In some cases, these companies offer a discount against signing up for their newsletter. The benefit – these offers can come by quit handy for increasing traffic and conversion rate. It also allows you to market new offers on your products to potential customers who might just become your permanent clients in future. Also, you can send them new schemes and promotions each time you plan to launch one.

5.   Monthly And Weekly Offers

They are traditional sales meant to increase sales and revenue. To make that most out of this type of sale offer, use it by the end of the month, or a quarter. Why is it beneficial? Because often companies miss out on their monthly or weekly goals. On the other hand, some companies that are looking to meet their weekly or monthly revenue targets think that such offers will come in handy. Doing so will help increase your revenues and meet sales goals.


6.   Offers On Social Media

Look around you and you’ll see plenty of businesses using social media to promote new offers. This is so because getting the word about a new launch product or service can be quite difficult. Social media provides a window of opportunity for businesses to spread the word to the masses. With social media fast becoming the platform of choice for billions, you just need to get engaged with your followers to spread the word. Moreover, if you find doing that difficult, try hiring a proficient marketers or online influencers instead. They are your source to spread the word to millions around the world in no time.

7.   First Time Buyer

Looking to catch attention of first time buyers? If so, you should’ve heard about the ongoing debate to sell to or an old one. It turns out selling to both can be quite a task you didn’t do the homework. Sometimes, your new visitors need just a nudge to become customers. For instance, some companies provide a first visit discount to motivate them to repeat their shopping experience.

8.   Influencer Offers

A great way to promote your store and offers is to form a partnership with a renowned influencer. These entities usually have hundreds of thousands of followers and they can lure them to take action to buy from you. They’ll make photos wearing your products and praise them. Doing so will give a great exposure to your brand and will help convert fans into customers. Influencers will upload photos using or wearing your products and their fans will likely get influenced and will buy it. If they don’t, the influencer will use their marketing skills to promote the product, just as did.

9.   Referrals

There is no denying that people get inspired easily when they see a peer, family member buying a product. Companies are using referral marketing programs to sell products. Those who successfully use such programs are likely to sell more. Though similar to influencers, referral is a much simpler and easier, albeit slow means to grow your sales. Using social media for targeting visitors is a great way to spread the word and capitalize on referral program.

So, it is time to put these tricks into action and give your sales a big push forward. Implementing these tricks will surely help your business become a notable player in the industry.

Usman Raza is a marketing specialist at Crawford and O’Brien. Aside from doing dental SEO and helping dentists get new patients, when not working there is a 99% chance he is praying with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.