SEO plays a vital role in online business websites and other different interactive websites. The main purpose of search engine optimization is to gain more and more traffic for different sources and get repetitive visitors. Search engine optimization trends are booming with the evolving trends in the market. Google accounted for more than 75% of global desktop search traffic that is followed by Bing at 9.97% and Yahoo at 2.77%.

Startups always face challenges when they set high expectations for getting huge success. For achieving huge success in such a competitive business world, startups will require to have high as well as controlled expectations and to keep track of the available resources and the potential growth and different market factors. It is imperative to opt for the best SEO services for startups if you are aiming for a quick and successful result. Google has got more than 2.3 trillion searches till this year.

Challenges faced by startups to meet their customers

  • Lack of resources and funds in the starting phase of business
  • Not having a clear vision of what to do
  • Finding the right idea for executing it in the right direction
  • Doing the hiring of a team and managing it
  • Attracting buyers by introducing new ways
  • Setting unrealistic expectations
  • Facing immense competition in the market
  • Managing the overall finance
  • Taking decisions on partnership
  • Focusing on cyber security

How SEO can help to reach your potential customers

With the help of proper SEO activities, you can reach as many potential customers as you want to. You just have to perform different SEO activities like performing keyword research activity will help to get new customers on your site, SEO is helpful for increasing inbound traffic, it helps in improving customer experience on your site, involve in social media marketing, also you can start promoting your upcoming customer events for attracting more and more customers.

  • The search algorithm of Google utilizes 200 factors for ranking the websites

Crafting a beautiful SEO strategy will give a kick to your startup

  • Well-craft your SEO strategy 

To build the best SEO strategy, first you will need to create a list of keywords and after that go for analyzing Google’s first page and then create something better and different. After that, add a hook and start optimizing for on-page SEO, and search intent and make your content look beautiful and engaging then build links for your page, and then improve and update your content. Following every single aspect of the SEO strategy, you will get full success in getting a wide range of customers for your startup.


  • Finalize the goal that you want to achieve with the help of SEO

It all depends on business types and how the business makes money. All you have to care about is traffic and personalization as they earn money from the ads. Whether your goal is to make your consumer read your content if your website is a news website or you want them to fill the contact details that asks for services or to watch any video or visit any page of the website, first identity all these things and then make a structured plan for achieving the set goal.

  • Pre-plan your SEO Budget

You must pre-plan your SEO budget and follow all the SEO activities as per the set plan. Don’t forget to choose a metric for your SEO budget and measure things that you want to follow in the SEO activities. It is important to focus on traffic and sales and leads or any kind of conversion. Focus on the goal that is set and look for the result that you had targeted. Define value for achieving the goal and how much you are willing to pay for it.

  • Explore your targeted audience

Don’t forget to identify your selling points that make your business special. Know what are your special points and customers are looking for all such points. Examine your current audience, engage and retain them by constant communication channel which they admire to be into.

Invest in customer relationship management software and collect all the demographic information at the point of purchase. Take outsider’s opinions to make full surety on the experience and reputation of your company.

  • Perform technical SEO audit along with development phase 

The role of a technical SEO audit will find out all the issues that will keep your website from ranking. Starting from the crawling of your website, you will have to review the whole sitemap and check the browsable versions of the website. After that, check all the internal links and test the speed of your website. Sooner then, check the whole HTTPS content and use analytics for comparing site metrics and perform a backlink audit.

Backlinks are so important and not having backlink can affect your SEO strategy. 91% of all pages did not got any organic traffic from Google as they were not having backlinks.

The main role of technical SEO lies in enhancing all the technical aspects of a website and opt for increasing the ranking of its all pages in the search engine.

  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website will provide many benefits to your business. There are so many benefits of having a mobile-friendly website and will help to build credibility with your potential customers, influencers and clients in your particular industry. A mobile-friendly website will allow your customers to visit your site on a mobile device with seamless and hassle-free user experience. It will help you in improving the mobile conversion rate and fast download speed.

If you are following mobile first indexing concept then you will undoubtedly make your website mobile responsive successfully. As per the consideration of Google, if your website is mobile-friendly and has adopted the mobile first indexing factor then your website can rank higher on the SERP.

  • Focus on resolving page-loading issues

If your website is not getting a good response, then you must focus on resolving all the page loading issues of your site. Start with enabling caching for storing elements in the cache so the next time anyone visits your website so they can easily access all those parts in a fast manner. Opt for removing all the resource-hogging plugins and add-ons and optimize and reduce the size of all the images present in your site. Make use of a CDN and minimize the code of your website.

seoIf we talk about the page experience then its signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page.

  • Spend time on the competitive research

There are so many types of SEO services for start-ups that are available in the market, which you can choose and make your website more visible and up-to-date on the SERP. Considering all these points, it is imperative to focus on competitive research. Do not just depend on Google Search and try some other methods like Google Alerts, SpyFu, Google Trends, and more such. Do some reporting work and list down the information that you find out during your competitive research part.

It will enable you to understand content promotion, backlink strategy, keyword targets, geographical and demographics information, paid campaigns and its copies. On-page optimization and other good to go off page SEO strategies will help you take the right decisions. In fact you can identify how much budget they are spending in the ads to stay in the top list and accordingly will help you to draw your own strategy.

  • Do niche-related keywords research

People when search for anything on the search engine they make use of keywords only. Keywords are highly important if you want to come up in the search engine result page that are relevant to your business or services. For doing niche keyword research, you must make use of keyword research tools like keyword planner, google trends, ubbersuggest, SEMrush, ahref and more such. Make sure you are following a right and latest SEO strategy for keeping your startup business on the top list of the search engine result page. As it is clear from a research that the top first five organic results account for 67.60% including all the clicks.

  • Make the best use of SEO Tools

The important purpose of SEO tools is to investigate web pages’ potential and placing them high on the search engine result pages. Also, they provide backlinks and keywords information along with the insights in such a huge SEO competition on the Internet. Using the best SEO tools you can dissect a competitor SEO strategy by spying on them without crossing ethical lines. For this cause, there are so many SEO tools like Raven and SEMrush Tools that permit you to dig into the SEO strategy of the competitors.

Also, there are other tools that serve different purpose like for checking the redirection of the URL there is a tool and for checking the mobile friendliness there is Google’s mobile friendliness checker tool and Buzzsumo for checking content promotion plan and more such.

There are different tools to serve different purpose – like to check redirect of URL we have a tool, to check mobile friendliness there is google’s mobile friendliness checker tool, buzzsumo to check content promotion plan etc.

  • Build high quality content in support of your business

There is no doubt in saying that content is king and is highly useful for representing your business on the online platforms.

There are different ways that will help to promote your content which covers sending an email broadcast, keep engagement with your community, try some paid promotion ads like Facebook Ads, reach out on social media, and more such.

  • Build your authority with backlinks

Backlinks are highly valuable from SEO perspective and they shows a kind of confidence that people gets from one website to another. Also, backlinks are important for gaining huge traffic, building credibility and rank higher on the search engine result platform. For the need of building authority of your website with backlinks, you will need to create quality content that will outperform the whole competition. Link to authority websites and let them know by writing guest post with valuable and informative content.

Follow the white hat SEO strategy and don’t just focus on the content for fulfilling the SEO needs but to gain the audience and they will perform the rest things. Authenticate sites with right audiences and traffic is the right choice. Don’t focus on just one who runs the sites for earning money via guest posting. Choose such sites that have high DA, PA and good organic traffic with relevant category.

  • Leverage the use of site’s analytics strategically

Performing SEO strategies and not knowing the result is a useless task. You must know each and everything in detail by seeing analytics of your website. There are plenty of benefits that you will get from the advanced website analytics that covers you will be able to know your visitors, tracking from where the traffic is coming from, know what your customers are exactly looking for, track from where you are losing your customers and try to work on all those factors for improving the visibility of your website.

  • Stay updated on SEO news, trends, and Google updates

It is always beneficial to stay updated with the current evolving trends of SEO and Google updates in the market. The search algorithm of Google utilizes 200 factors for ranking the websites. That’s why always keep a track on current Google Algorithms and try to upgrade your SEO strategies in such a manner that it will directly benefit your business.

Top reasons to choose why SEO matters for every startup

  • SEO helps in collecting behavior data for the startups
  • It provides full assistance for the startups to build credibility and trust
  • SEO has the potential to produce high traffic and boost conversion rates
  • It helps in optimizing results in a high ranking in SERPs
  • SEO strategies are inexpensive to adopt
  • It has full capability to acquire the best user experience

Wrap Up 

SEO is an ever-green strategy which will never fade away from the market. Whether it’s a startup or a huge enterprise, following an actionable SEO strategy will always help to increase visibility on the online platforms. You must stay updated with the changing SEO trends and Google Algorithms and perform the changes as required in your website for staying competitive on the search engine result page.

By adopting the current SEO trends, you can make your startup business a real hit in the market. For that, you will have to follow the best SEO & Marketing strategies and follow them to get your business on the top list of SERP. You must contact an experienced firm for getting the best digital marketing services for your startup.


Following the right SEO strategy, you can improve the visibility of your website in the search result. There are so many evolving SEO trends in the market that will always help your website to rank higher on the search engine result page.

Patrick Rupareliya is a techno-commercial leader, heading Intuz as Director of Growth, with over 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. His experience and expertise will entice developers and business entrepreneurs with rich content on latest technology stack.