By Rieva Lesonsky


Americans spend more than $63 million dollars on their pets every year, according to the American Pet Products Association. Just look at the numbers, in 2016 84.6 million, or 68% of American households owned a pet. Nearly half of pet-owning households (48%) are dog owners, 38% own cats and 10% own freshwater fish. Millennials are the largest demographic of pet owners.

So, selling pet accessories, in-store or online is a safe bet for small businesses. If you’re in the pet business, or want to be,  you need to act now to buy products and get March Expo deals and promotions.

Pet grooming

Keeping our pets combed and clean is a big priority for pet-owning households. This brush says it helps reduce shedding, as does this one. This dog washer helps keeps pooches clean. Or here’s another version. This pet washing glove also comes in handy. These gloves work with dogs, cats and horses.

Cleaning up after pets

Check out this long-handled pooper scooper. Dog walkers (and owners) need biodegradable dog waste bags. Or check out these eco-friendly versions.

Cat-owners need litter scoopers, like these or these. And come prefer to use covered litter boxes.

Pet carriers

This foldable, plastic dog carrier allows pet owners to travel with their animals on planes. This one, on wheels, fits larger dogs. This pet trolley can be wheeled or comes with straps for easy carrying.

Cat condos

Cat trees are like condos for cats. This one even comes with a hammock. Cats that want their own “caves” would love this version—or this one. Here’s a deluxe version, made with sisal wood. This one, available in two colors, can accommodate multiple cats. And this one is like an apartment complex for cats—and it comes in three colors. Here’s the “luxurious” version. And finally, this one, made of woodm is like a high-rise.

One fish, two fish…

For fish owners there’s lots to please, including:

Let sleeping dogs lie

Pet beds are big business these days. They come in many styles, including:

More for pets

There are plenty more for pets on, including leashes and toys. Go here to see all the pet products’ suppliers participating in March Expo. But you have to act today—March Expo ends tomorrow, March 31st.

It’s almost over…

To take advantage of the deals, check out the action on and the mobile app (sign up here) today and tomorrow.

One of the special incentives being offered during March Expo is 15% off LCL shipping (less than container load) from China to the U.S. It’s all part of’s new logistics service, which lets small businesses take advantage of’s existing infrastructure to save time, save money and simplify shipping.

Look into’s Secure Payment services. is also introducing a new T/T transaction service during March Expo. This service allows buyers making Trade Assurance orders to make initial payments into a U.S.-based Citibank account. Previously Trade Assurance orders were processed through a Hong Kong-based Citibank account. This speeds up processing time to 2 to 3 days from 3 to 7 days. It also reduces fees, on average, by $15.

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