By Lindsey Patterson

Every business today knows that sales and marketing is moving to online platforms. This is the reason you have to work hard as an entrepreneur to create a website. The site should attract customers and understand their problems. As a result, you will set up your business to offer solutions to those problems. However, how will you know if the site is working? Is it meeting the objectives that you set out initially? Are you still connecting with your clients? You can imagine the answers to these questions or use Web Analytics to understand what is exactly happening on your site.

How does analytics foster business growth? Below are some examples:

Understanding your keywords

It’s typical to think that you know the phrases and words that drive people to your website. But, your analytics will tell you the facts. You will have the opportunity to explore your organic search traffic and see the most powerful phrases that assist people to get to your site. Through analytics, you can also see the rate at which visitors search a term and how the people looking for a certain keyword perform on the site.

For example, how many pages are users looking for at one visit? Are you getting new and returning users? How long do the searchers stay on your site? Does your search term result in a conversation or a visit? Once you have taken the time to understand this information you can easily cross-reference it with any other information you have to create the necessary site tweaks and keywords.

Understanding your customers

When you know your keywords in a better way, you will get to understand your clients too. You will notice their behavior patterns and can use the information to segment them just the same way as the keywords. Sometimes you may realize that the users who come to your website first read your reviews on a certain site. You can also find out that users take a different route to get to your website than what you had anticipated. Maybe other users require more information on the product or service before they can make a purchase or they are looking for more trust factors.

When you look at your analytics and familiarize yourself with the activities and the path your visitors take, you’ll be in a better position to improve their experience and target them in a better way. Ka band satellites can also help increase bandwidth and data processing capabilities in order to generate data as well. If your business has a website and you do not have a running analytics platform like Google Analytics, you’re really missing out on the numerous ways analytics helps to grow a business.

Understanding offline successes

Not all things that relate to your business are happening online. You may be participating in community events, speaking at local workshops and always creating commercials for local television or new brochures. Web analytics can assist you to measure the successes as well.

For instance, you can use radio advertising to encourage users to look for certain search terms and then monitor that activity. You can choose to create different URLs for print ads and radio and then track the advertising method that seems to be more successful. Even if something originates offline, it does not mean that it will not end up on your site. You can track the progress through your analytics and make the necessary changes that will enable your business to grow.

Studying web analytics allows you to see what is happening on the website. This lets you respond to your customers. With time, these analytics insights will help you to create a stronger business that focuses on the needs and wants of your clients. As a result, your business will grow.

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who specializes in business technology, customer relationship management, and lead management. She also writes about the latest social trends, specifically involving social media.