By Rieva Lesonsky

One of our partners, Bizy, just announced an exciting new relationship in a key industry and we wanted to spread the good news. HousingZone™, which is the leading online portal for home builders, remodelers and contractors, and Bizy have joined forces to bring you HousingZone Deals, a online deal site that will feature weekly discounts on building products such as doors, windows, faucets and more. For businesses in the contracting industry, the news could save them tons of money.

“The timing of HousingZone Deals couldn’t be better, as residential construction and remodeling have

been hard hit by the recession,” said Tony Mancini, Group Director-Principal for HousingZone parent

SGC Horizon. “Powered by Bizy, HousingZone Deals will help builders and remodelers improve their bottom lines with heavily discounted goods and services while providing manufacturers with a powerful new channel to promote their products to a large and very targeted audience.”

The site, which goes live in October 2011, caters to the growing need for specific business-to-business deal sites. “To be successful, HousingZone Deals must offer compelling incentives that convert visitors to

customers,” Mancini said. “Other deal sites are too consumer-focused and incapable of providing a marketing edge for our advertisers. Bizy knows how to market to businesses.”

Bizy focuses on finding business-to-business partners, and the company’s deals so far have included offers from LinkedIn, Experian, Constant Contact and The Fairmont Hotel, as well as providers of trade show displays, telemarketing campaigns and more.

“We are excited to be working with HousingZone, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative sites for builders and remodelers,” said Gary Slack, co-founder of Bizy and founder of the global business-to business marketing services agency Slack and Company. “Online deals have proven themselves as a way for buyers to save money and for marketers to grow sales. With HousingZone Deals, marketers will have another tool to build brand awareness, sales and long-term customer relationships.”

Keep checking back with SmallBizDaily and Bizy for more news about HousingZone Deals.