Still working out all the kinks in your social media campaign? Check out these tips from on how important it is to handle your social media tasks smartly and efficiently.

1. Be Where Your Audience “Lives” Online – Are you trying to sell to business professional? Or tween girls? Or dedicated bakers, or wannabe astronauts or college students majoring in art history? All these demographics exist and they’re all reachable via social media. But maybe not in the same place. Sure nearly a billion folks hang out on Facebook, but you might have more luck reaching business pros on LinkedIn, or college students on Reddit, or bakers on Talk to your audience, find out where they get their news and social interaction online… and be an active, non-salesy presence there.

2. Set Social Media Goals – Most businesses set goals when it comes to revenue, so why not when it comes to social media? Whether your goal is to catch the attention of that powerful blogger in your industry who could give your product that much needed sales boost, or it’s to introduce your product to a brand new market, both can be accomplished with social media. But Tweeting with the same five bloggers everyday probably won’t encourage customers, just like a profile about your product’s design on a blog for industrial engineers probably won’t garner you too many sales from foodies looking for a useful kitchen tool. Set your goals, then work a little each day to make them happen.

3. (In)Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Social Media Success – Man, this social media stuff is fun. You’re interacting with your customers on Twitter all day, posting daily in a few groups on LinkedIn, keeping up with your 1,000+ Facebook friends and posting on a Tumbler blog a few times per week. …And then all that interaction suddenly means tons of sales or dozens of new clients. And your social media goes dark. Many small businesses fall prey to this feast or famine cycle in traditional marketing, and it’s even more pronounced when it comes to social media.

Because social media puts you so “out there” your audience will immediately notice when you disappear. Some will worry about your health and well-being, but most will find someone else to fill the vacuum you (and your company’s!) absence makes in their lives. How NOT to be forgotten? Start slow, and from there, keep it consistent. Blog once a week even if you’re swamped with work. Don’t neglect your Twitter account and your 5,000 followers once paying work crops up. Instead, share what you’re up to – your followers will appreciate it, and you won’t suffer that fate worse than business death… being forgotten.

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