While we often talk a lot about creating some epic backlinks, we usually fail to break down why some backlinking strategies fail. The perfect recipe for disasters gets sparingly discussed. And if you have wondered what makes your backlinking strategy backfire, you are at the right place.

Search engine optimization is a broad field, and backlinking is an eminent part of it. Many marketers know how to incorporate this technique into their overall marketing strategy to generate website traffic. But what backlinking is, and how do you do it? One great way to crawl into untapped customer segments is to get backlinked on several different blogs. For example, imagine you have a business for designer drapery. You can get your business backlinked to a parenting blog where the blogger can link your website to one of their posts. This way, you will generate yourself a newer stream of traffic. And eventually, some loyal customers.

But like we discussed before, the most significant part of creating a successful marketing strategy is to know what not to do. When you know the landmines, you work your way around them to achieve your marketing objectives effectively. Therefore, here we have a list of a few link building flaws that you need to bear in mind to prevent your marketing strategy from turning into a failure.

Neglecting Social Media In Your Link Building Plan

Social Media is the trend now, and neglecting to utilize it in your marketing campaign is not a wise choice. Besides, getting all your links from other websites and none from social media may feel spammy and might even tarnish your search engine ranking. Google runs algorithms and analyses your web page’s overall working to give you a higher-up slot in SERPs. Google’s objective is to check which website offers the most authentic and reliable content and then push it up for the viewers. If you fail to incorporate social media, the sudden upsurge in traffic from other webpages may seem spammy. And instead of helping, it may backfire on your marketing campaigns. Therefore, consider incorporating links to social media sites as a part of your overall strategy. Also, it is quite effective in increasing traffic or getting your blog ranked on SERPs. Your efforts will not be in vain when it comes to focusing on link building through social media.

Forgetting The Overall Objective Of Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings have a purpose. They are there to tell the audience that particular pages are better for them than others. Fooling this system is not the right way to build a backlink strategy. Paying yourself into getting numerous backlinks and failing to understand the whole point of it will not serve you in the long-run. It would instead damage your business. Building great content always needs to top your priority list. And if you do that, you ensure the success of your backlink tactics.

Moreover, when building backlinks, you should always let it flow naturally and not overdo it. Try not to consider it as a strategy that would only get you several webpage landers. It is a shallow aim. Instead, look at it as a step towards getting your content vouched for a better search engine ranking.

Failing To Understand That Backlinking Is A Long-Term Strategy

After Google’s Penguin update, tricking the famous search engine has become a little too complicated. You can easily fall into the category of shady webpages, which can massively hinder your marketing campaign.

Buying links for a sudden boost in your traffic is an approach that may backfire. You should always think of backlinking as a long-term tactic and let the traffic count grow naturally. Also, bear in mind that you will have to consistently create backlinks to appropriate sites to make your strategy look effortless rather than a paid stunt.

Neglecting The Significance Of Tracking The Success Of Campaign

One of the significant aspects of having a link building strategy, or any marketing strategy for that matter, is to analyze what it is doing for you. The only way you can judge your plan’s success is to see how it is increasing your visitor count. And it includes not only simple figures. You should look into the trends and assess where you are getting the most traffic from and which backlinks prove fruitful.

Finding specific tools to track the figures may be a little tricky. You will have to apply manual processes to conclude the generated traffic and your backlinking strategy’s success. However, keep in mind making this a significant part of your marketing strategy since evaluating can help you know where your plan lacks.

Failing To Realize The Problem With Buying Links

It isn’t easy to score a backlink from a well-recognized site. You should either have extremely top-notch content or pay these sites to feature your links on their page. It may seem okay to purchase links to authoritative sites since that will improve your search engine ranking. But the problem arises when Google’s Penguin picks the site selling questionable links to other webpages. In case you get tracked, you can get penalized and face a severe hit to your webpage credibility.

Making It Obvious That You Are Here For The Backlinks

Just like we said earlier, your focus should always be on creating quality content. When you reach out to an authoritative web page to link to your site, you should never make it evident that you are there only for the backlink. It can create doubts about the quality of the content. The web page owners may wonder if your only focus is only the backlink. Since respected sites have high standards of quality regarding whatever they publish on their webpages, they can become skeptical of your offer. And this is why it is always important to lead your strategy by content and not your backlinks.


Backlinks are a well-known technique that commonly every business utilizes for their marketing benefit. However, it is not a fail-proof tactic. Like every other marketing strategy, backlinks also have the potential to backfire. It would be best if you always looked at both sides of the scenario and assessed how your backlinks could turn foul. We have tried our best to gather the most significant link building flaws that may tarnish your marketing strategy. The bottom line is always to be patient in expecting results, focusing on the content’s quality, and letting your backlinks create traffic naturally.

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