By Usman Raza

Small businesses have many tools to reach customers. Often, owners do not know which to use and which could be avoided. The type of business determines how effective a marketing tool will be. Social media are helpful for many companies, but they should be used in conjunction with other options. For example, trade shows are often a good way to provide brand awareness and get people to know about you. Backlit displays can be used to help you connect with your customers and potential customers. Here are some ways to use your backlit displays to connect.

  1. Create Wow Factor — When you use backlit displays at your trade show, you create a booth that will make your clients and potential clients find you more quickly. You make them say “Wow!” due to the high-quality of the display. You also can show more high-resolution information in a shorter space.
  2. Make It Easy — Backlit displays allow your customers to easily read your message. They will connect with your company because they will understand what you have to sell. They can see the products more clearly. When your customers attend a tradeshow and have to spend time to figure out what the message is, you will not keep them as potential clients.
  3. Make It Memorable — Backlit displays will allow you to make your booth more memorable than the others. You can attract potential customers with the lighting. They will remember your display over the ones without the lighting. If they remember you, your company is more likely to connect with them after the trade show is done. The lighted display will stick in their minds when you go to follow up with them.
  4. Refer to Display — After the trade show ends, you can refer to your display to help jog their memories. For example, you could say, we had the lighted display that showed X product and service. Chances are great that the lighting, display, colors and other factors will help them distinguish you from other companies at the show. You also can use the backlit display as a conversation starter at the booth or after the show ends. “What do you like about this display?” “Does this display help you understand our product?”
  5. Conserve Energy — Many people connect with companies who are trying to do their part for the environment. If you use backlit displays that are energy-efficient, you can say that to the attendees. You can talk about how it uses less energy than other displays. You also can show how you are energy efficient in other processes by letting customers know how much you are conserving energy during the trade show.
  6. Create a Design — You can connect with your customers by creating a design that is unique to your style and brand. Backlit displays are customizable to give you the freedom to show off your business in the best light. You can use lighting effectively to send the message you want your customers to know.

Usman Raza is a marketing specialist at Crawford and O’Brien and Zensleep. Aside from doing SEO, when not working he enjoys spending time with his family. You can follow him on Twitter.

Photo courtesy: NASA