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Mobile Banking On Smartphone

By Arun Goyal

As banks compete for small business customers, banking apps are promising entrepreneurs more safety and more convenience by the day. Here are a few to check out.


We believe, there is no one who hasn’t heard of this name, which is now synonymous with transferring money, shopping and lot more. Available for both Android and iOS, PayPal claims to give people a better opportunity to manage, move their money. Through this app, users get choice and flexibility in how they can get an open, secure and technology agnostic payment platform.



Ally is one of the very popular medium, which lets you access cash at any ATM and use AllPoint ATMs for free. With this app, users can deposit checks by clicking a picture with their mobile phones. Direct deposit can also set up; incoming wire transfers are also received, or choose mail in deposits with postage-paid envelopes. Please note that Ally can be accessed only through its website or application as it has no existing branch.

HSBC Mobile Banking

Manage your money around the clock with the help of this app. HSBC Mobile Banking app helps you manage your money on the move. You can easily operate, transfer, exchange and do a lot more activities through this secure and safe Personal Banking App from HSBC. To improve the security, this app helps protect your data by using 128-bit SSL encryption when you are logged on. There are many convenient features available in this app to provide a hassle-free banking experience 24/7.


Capital One

Opt for Capital One and embrace myriad of easy-to-use features and tools at your fingertips. Things like pay a bill, transfers, and mobile deposits can be done by making some taps on your smartphone. Besides, you can view multiple account balances and view account details. ATM/Branch locator and opening new checking accounts become easy with the use of this app. The availability of this app is on all the major platforms including Android, Apple Watch and iPad.


Mint: Personal Finance and Money

We all earn money, but most of us forget to make ourselves ready for a rainy day and that is where the requirement of a savior like Mint comes into the picture. This app creates budgets that make sense today and set you up for success the next day. This app proves to be an exception banking platform carrying intuitive features and offering powerful results.


Citizen’s Bank

Using Citizen bank, users get to view your transactions and balances of your bank accounts. It also enables you to pay bills, send money even to other bank’s payee account etc. This app also allows you to deposit a check using the camera of your phone. This seems to be an exceptional feature and works amazingly well.


Chase Mobile App

Through this mobile app, accessing multiple accounts and general banking needs become much easier. It brings down the efforts that you put to pay bills, check deposit, credit card payments and money transfer. To ensure the security of your data, Chase uses a 128-bit Secure Layer (SSL) that encrypts users’ personal data. Chase is available absolutely free on both iPhone and Android platforms.


Simple App

Another branchless online bank that comes with detailed budgeting features and mobile access. This app has associated with STARsf ®, which offers ATM access with no withdrawal fees. As this app is branchless, Simple influences the entire banking experience differently and challenge the conventional way of manage your accounts.  Unlike other app, Simple allows you to set specific saving goals and the money will be deducted automatically based on your customization commands.


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