These days, most employees can work from anywhere. Whether they’re at home or the office, it’s essential to make sure your workers are on task. All environments create and cause distractions, so it’s imperative to implement ways to keep employees focused. This way, they can stay productive successfully.

Here are a few suggestions that you can share with your workers to promote efficient workdays.

1. Schedule Time for Emails

We often become sucked into our emails for hours at a time. In fact, the average full-time American employee spends 28% of their workweek on email — more than 11 hours out of the typical 40. When you see one message that you need to answer, a chain reaction occurs. Before you can blink, you’ve wasted 45 minutes on tasks that could’ve waited for later.

You can encourage your team to set up a designated time for emails. They should set an hourly timer that reminds them to check their messages. After they read and respond, they should move every email into a specific folder. This action clears up inbox space so that they’re not overwhelmed. If phone calls aren’t hugely important, it’s smart to schedule time for those conversations as well.

2. Adopt a Productive Strategy

This point may seem a bit vague, but it’s a way for everyone to try their own productive routine. We all have methods that work for us. Some people like to start before dawn, while others need to take breaks throughout the day. As self-quarantine measures continue to evolve, you may find that after you rearrange your family room furniture, you can focus more clearly. In any case, it’s smart for you as a supervisor to recognize this difference.

Even if your office follows the eight-hour workday model, it’s necessary to emphasize that everyone can take the day at their own pace. If each employee continues to meet their deadlines, it’s never a bad idea to encourage flexibility. Allow your workers to adopt a personal productive strategy. Does someone want to leave the office at 3 p.m. to finish the day at home? Work out a plan to see if this move makes sense.

3. Make Your Space Comfortable

Whether you work from your local library or a corner office, it’s essential to create a comfortable space. You don’t necessarily want to throw on your pajamas and lay down on the couch, but your environment matters. Ask your employees about what you can do to better equip them for their duties. For example, some workers may need a desk chair that provides back support. These smaller aspects make a significant difference.

You’ll also need to consider how to transform your workspace so that it benefits each person. It would help if you designated quiet areas for privacy so that employees can take phone calls. Additionally, it’s smart to ensure that there’s natural light, as this aspect can promote wellness. When you spend eight or so hours at work, your surroundings count.

4. Always Take a Break

If your employees take more breaks, they’ll be more productive. Our brains need time to pause and think throughout the workday – you can’t always expect your workers to accomplish each task without a moment to recharge. Every 90 minutes, our bodies turn toward physiological fatigue as a response to extended focus. When we take a 10-minute break, we can approach our responsibilities with enhanced concentration.

Encourage your employees to set aside time for themselves throughout the workday. A quick moment to get up and walk around can have positive impacts.

Try These Ideas for a Successful Work Environment

It’s crucial to make sure that you take on your workday head-on. These recommendations can help you and your employees become more efficient, productive workers.

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